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Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson (born 13 May 1986) is an English actor. After starting to act in a London theatre club at the age of 15, he began his film career at age 18 by playing Cedric Diggory in the fantasy film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). Robert Paterson Partner at Moon Beever London, Greater London, United Kingdom 500+ connections. Join to Connect. Moon Beever. University of Cambridge. Report this profile; About. Robert Paterson is an experienced solicitor and licensed insolvency practitioner who advises all stakeholders on distressed companies and partnerships. Robert S. Patterson. Partner. [email protected] Nashville P: 615.252.2335 F: 615.252.6335. Legal Assistant. LuAnn Clothier. P: 615.252.3523 [email protected] ... serves as the outside general counsel for several companies and served as the managing partner of his law firm for six years. He understands that business litigation does ... Robert Pattinson is best known for playing the sexy teen vampire, Edward Cullen, in the famous Twilight Saga. The English born actor started his film career at 19 with his breakout role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.Soon after, the heart-throb was cast as Edward Cullen and became known for his sultry appeal and amazing hair. Robert Paterson Partner & co-founder at London, Greater London, United Kingdom 500+ connections Rob Patterson, Bob Patterson, Ron Patterson, Robert E. Patterson, Bob Peninsula, Patterson, E. Co-Administrative Partner, Vinson & Elkins Llp. Add Current Location. Find other people named Robert Patterson. General Info. ... Rob is Co-Administrative Partner of the firm’s Moscow office, having previously been a partner in London. Rob is an ... Robert Pattinson, Actor: Twilight. Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson was born May 13, 1986 in London, England, to Richard Pattinson, a car dealer importing vintage cars, and Clare Pattinson (née Charlton), who worked as a booker at a model agency. He grew up in Barnes, southwest London with two older sisters. Robert discovered his love for music long before acting and started ... Robert Pattinson Joins Girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, For Walk In Notting Hill Jordan White 6/21/2020. How prosecutors are abusing anti-riot laws to punish peaceful protesters. PATERSON, Robert Allen (RAP) B.Comm, MBA, FRM, C.Arb, FCIP, CA-IFA, CFF, FCPA, FCA 1944 – 2018 Bob was born and raised in Nelson (“the heart of Canada!”) and died at home in Vancouver on August 7, 2018 after a hard fought battle with cancer. After graduating from UBC, Bob joined Coopers & Lybrand, articling and later becoming a Partner. Robert Paterson. Partner. London. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7539 4165 Fascimile: +44 (0)20 7400 7799 Mr. Paterson graduated from Cambridge University in French and German literature, before studying further at the College of Law in York.

Trump controlled by the KGB/Mossad – Part II Posted on November 8, 2016

2020.07.13 04:27 CoZza_86 Trump controlled by the KGB/Mossad – Part II Posted on November 8, 2016
This picture taken on July 28, 2019 shows two giant Israeli Likud Party election banners hanging from a building showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shaking hands with US President Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin, with a caption above reading in Hebrew “Netanyahu, in another league”, in the coastal Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv. (Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP) (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images) Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V
By Timothy Fitzpatrick November 8, 2016
Trump’s 9/11 lie about dancing Muslims helps Mossad coverup Late last year, Donald Trump re-affirmed the official 9/11 story, carefully designed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak[i] and Israel’s Mossad, perpetuated by the Jewish-dominated American media. He lied about a very important event in the 9/11 story, what has come to be known as the “Dancing Israelis”.
“Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” Trump told rally goers in Birmingham, Alabama Nov. 21, 2015. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.”[ii]
By the context of his speech, he implied that it was thousands of Muslims cheering in the streets of Jersey. Then, a day later, Trump confirmed in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he, indeed, was talking about Muslims.
“There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something. It was well covered at the time, George. Now, I know they don’t like to talk about it, but it was well covered at the time. There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good.”[iii]
Even the Jewish-controlled New York Times couldn’t accept the preposterous claims by Trump.
“How alarmed were New Jersey officials by reports of Muslims dancing in the streets of Jersey City and Paterson on Sept. 11, 2001, to celebrate the destruction of the World Trade Center? They feared riots would break out and were ready to send in the National Guard and the State Police to preserve order. But John J. Farmer Jr., then the New Jersey attorney general and the state’s chief law enforcement officer, said on Tuesday that he ordered an investigation that very day and found the reports to be bogus, more wild stories born in the stricken hours after the attacks.”[iv]
Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner share a laugh with 9/11 conspirator and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in September. Barak has flown on predator Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet and is listed in his contact book. However, the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media joined Trump in covering up the 9/11 conspiracy overall, because they omitted the real dancing celebrants, who were actually a small group of Israelis, likely working as Mossad operatives, possibly having been involved in the conspiracy itself. This despite that the New York Times, embarrassingly, was among the first to break the true story of dancing Israelis celebrating on 9/11. Did they cite their old story from 9/11 in the midst of Trump’s controversial lie about 9/11? No. They would rather pretend that the story didn’t exist.
“The New York Times reported Thursday that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards.”[v]
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak (C) has a private conversation with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin (R) and an unidentified man (L) after a 02 Novmber 1999 luncheon in Oslo, Norway, City Hall. — PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images) On Sept. 20, 2001, nine days after the attack on the World Trade Center, it came out in the American Free Press that these celebrants were Israelis and that New York police arrested them[vi] shortly after witnesses reported their strange behaviour.[vii]
“At least three different groups of Israelis—some of whom may have ties to Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad—were taken into custody after eyewitnesses reported seeing them celebrating in several locations across the river from lower Manhattan in New Jersey. In two cases, the men were reportedly videotaping the initial kamikaze attack on the World Trade Center in New York. All of the detained Israelis are connected to Israeli-owned moving companies operating out of New York and New Jersey. One group was reported to have been in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, another was seen in Liberty Park in Union City, and a third was apprehended on the roof of an Israeli-owned moving company.”
The New York Jewish Forward newspaper corroborated the AFP story, saying at least two of the arrested celebrants were Israeli and were there to document the event. The five Israelis eventually admitted on Israeli TV that it was they who were at the centre of this controversy and discussed their arrest and interrogation by the FBI, which lasted months.[viii] The Drug Enforcement Administration called their behaviour on 9/11 as suspicious and said it “may well be an organized intelligence-gathering activity.”[ix] (See link to declassified FBI files on dancing Israelis in notes below[x])
“The van belonged to a Mossad front company called Urban Moving Systems. Around 4 p.m. on Sept. 11, the van was pulled over, and five Israelis: Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari, all between 22 and 27 years old, were arrested at gunpoint. One had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock while another carried two foreign passports. Box cutters were found in the van.”[xi]
One of the dancing Israelis on Israeli television defending the group’s suspicious behaviour on 9/11. The AFP interviewed one of the police officers involved in the arrest of the dancing Israelis.[xii] Trump was given every opportunity by a media that was hanging on his every word to correct his lie to the public. He didn’t, and the media wasn’t buying it, except for Infofwars’ Alex Jones, who despite initially reporting on the dancing Israelis story, also went right along with Trump’s lie. Jones and Infowars have consistently avoided the many Israeli connections to 9/11 since day one. He’s even gone out of his way to say “Israel could not carry out these attacks.”[xiii] And when, during a Trump rally, writer Martin Hill confronted the would-be president on his 9/11 lie, Trump remained silent.[xiv]
Regardless of the apparent heavy Israeli involvement in 9/11 and its ongoing coverup, the dancing Israelis and the van depicting a plane crashing the World Trade Centre—these could be breadcrumbs deliberately fed to the conspiracy demographic to throw them off the trail of Russia and its FSB (KGB), who have may have been involved, or even orchestrated 9/11. We will explore this more in future installments of this series.
Trump and “Lucky” Larry Silverstein—beneficiary of 9/11 attacks From the very beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign for U.S. president in June 2015, Jewish Zionist Michael Glassner has worked as the campaign’s national political director.[xv] Glassner formerly served on the American Israel Public Affairs Commmittee (AIPAC), one of Israel’s biggest Zionist lobbies in Washington. If that weren’t enough, Glassner was the one responsible for privatizing the World Trade Center lease[xvi], shortly before 9/11, for the benefit of Larry Silverstein’, who profited in the billions from the demolition of the towers. Trump told MSNBC what he thought of Silverstein, his fellow New York real estate tycoon.
“Larry Silverstein—he’s a great guy, he’s a good guy, he’s a friend of mine.”[xvii]
It’s no wonder Trump has been pushing the official, Israeli-created story on 9/11. Glassner is but one of dozens and dozens of Jews working for Trump’s campaign.[xviii] Trump has boasted of his support for Israel on numerous occasions and has even hinted at completing Israel’s Oded Yinon plan, which would include invading Iran as well as making Jerusalem Israel’s undivided capital…in other words, finally disposing of those pesky Palestinians.[xix] Trump crony Rudolph Giuliani, whom is believed to have contributed to the 9/11 conspiracy coverup by promptly destroying and removing the crime scene at the World Trade Centre, is a candidate for Trump’s cabinet as president.
Donald Trump and Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn—Trump’s gay, Jewish handler, mob lawyer, and JFK conspirator? If the close friendship of a self-purported anti-establishment Republican like Donald Trump with a gay, Jewish, AIDS-infested, mobster lawyer named Roy Marcus Cohn seems odd, it’s because it is. The late Cohn was not only part of the false-opposition McCarthyite anti-Communist movement of the 1950s, at times working both sides of the political spectrum, but also a Meyer Lansky organized crime syndicate operative who went so far as to serve on the infamous Permindex board[xx], which is believed to have been Mossad’s key operating front in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. Also, Cohn’s Lionel Corporation held shares in Permindex. Cohn became close friends with Trump and also his legal counsel, starting in the 1970s.[xxi] As with almost all of Trump’s suspicious associates, Cohn was sexually compromised and apparently enjoyed sexually compromising others.[xxii] Like Jeffrey Epstein and his child procurer Ghislaine Maxwell, Cohn is believed to have used child prostitutes to blackmail politicians, himself not only a homosexual but also believed to have been involved in the Franklin scandal—a child-sex ring that reached the Reagan White House.[xxiii] Cohn aided Roger Stone in Ronald Reagan’s 1970-80 presidential campaign. A June 28, 1989 Washington Times exposé implicated Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence in a call-boys and crack scandal that appears to be one small piece of the Franklin scandal.[xxiv]The inner workings of the scandal shares striking similarities with Virginia Roberts’ description of Epstein’s blackmail techniques. Cohn is mentioned in the report as an associate of Spence as well as lawyer and activist Phyllis Schlafly, who was also a regular guest on the Alex Jones show prior to her death earlier this year. Some say that Schlafly and pseudo conservatives like Jones are part of a right-wing conspiracy centered on the Council for National Policy (CNP).
Roger Stone – Trump cheerleader, Cohn associate, and Infowarrior
Lending credence to theory of Cohn as a child-sex blackmailer is self-described “libertine” Roger Stone[xxv], a Cohn associate, former advisor to Donald Trump, and regular guest on Alex Jones’ Infowars broadcast of late.
“Roy was not gay. He was a man who liked having sex with men. Gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around. It just wasn’t discussed. He was interested in power and access.”[xxvi]
Power and access…sounds like the life ambitions of Donald Trump, doesn’t it? Now we can see why Trump found such a mentor in Cohn. It seems that Stone, a man who has been spotted marching in gay pride parades[xxvii], was close enough to the homosexual and possible pederast Cohn that he helped cover up Mossad’s (and possibly Cohn’s) leading role and coverup of the JFK assassination when he published a book blaming LBJ for the entire thing.[xxviii] Stone’s book also implicates Richard Nixon, a man for whom Stone has campaigned and supported for years (Stone even has a life-sized tattoo of Nixon on his backside). Why Stone would implicate one of his heroes is odd, unless he was carrying out a coverup/limited hangout operation on behalf of someone else, perhaps the Mossad. Of course, Stone waited until Nixon was dead before he would dare make such an accusation. Investigative journalist and author Michael Collins Piper, who is the world’s premier theorist that Israel and Mossad assassinated JFK with help from the Lansky crime syndicate, the CIA, the mob, and others (thoroughly documented in his book, Final Judgement[xxix]), believed that Nixon was not involved in any way in the JFK assassination. Incidentally, Stone’s partner in disinformation Alex Jones has publicly denied Israel’s involvement in the JFK assassination conspiracy.[xxx]
Trump continues the work of Mossad’s Permindex by covering up truth about JFK assassination Trump, himself, has also aided in the coverup of the JFK assassination by ridiculously claiming that GOP nominee opponent Ted Cruz’s father was with JFK’s alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the president’s murder took place. Whether or not Rafael Cruz was with Oswald handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963, as Trump, Stone, and a National Enquirer story claim, is irrelevant, because Oswald obviously was not the assassin but was exactly what he said he was—a patsy. Trump, whose mentor Roy Cohn sat on the board of Permindex and is tied to CIA men like the Dulles brothers, one of whom sat on the sham commission set up to pretend to investigate the JFK assassination conspiracy, is endorsing the long-debunked official story put out by that very same Warren Commission. The Warren Commission was set up by Israel’s Mossad and its allies in the CIA to hide their central role in the murder of Kennedy. Even today, Trump aids and abets the Jewish terrorist organization Mossad. He is beholden to them and must not step out of line.
The kinky Stone-Infowars-Drudge echo chamber Roger Stone has been an almost-daily guest on the Infowars show over the last several months, always, to promote Trump. The endless echo chamber the two have created has been expanded by the likes of other Jewish-controlled alternative media operations like Breitbart and the Drudge Report, which is run by yet another gay Jew, Matt Drudge.
Alex Jones could also be sexually compromised. In the leaked divorce with his then Jewish wife Kelly (Violet)[xxxi], which I reported on last year, court documents revealed that Jones was counseled by a team of marriage counselors, with a large number of them specializing in sexual addictions. Jones’ ties to Hollywood slime like Charlie Sheen doesn’t help his public image as an innocent all-American boy. Jones is a divorcee who is known to flirt with women on air, including his own hosts and guests, and apparently hooks his trashy friends up with hookers, like in the case of Amanda Bruce.[xxxii] Again, Trump’s ring of supporters reek of sexual compromise—an apparent top-down effect. Unfortunately for Jones, he does not have the excuse of shilling for Israel due to blackmail, at least that we know of. He has been the Zionists’ biggest alternative media cheerleader since 1996, long before Jones was divorced and potentially blackmailed. There have been rumours of homosexual affairs involving Jones but nothing that can be substantiated. Trump appears to take his anti-establishment talking-point cues from Alex Jones, as Trump often will publicly say things verbatim that were stated by Alex Jones on his radio show. There is no question that Jones has acted as Trump’s unofficial public relations manager. For months, Jones has campaigned for Trump almost daily on his three-hour radio broadcasts.
The Lansky organized crime syndicate
The boss of bosses, Meyer Lansky. Trump’s ties to the Lansky organized crime syndicate, run by Russian-Jewish mob boss of bosses Meyer Lansky, do not end at Roy Cohn and his membership on the board of Permindex or at Adnan Khashoggi. In 1987, Trump took over Lansky’s Mossad/CIA money-laundering front, the Mary Carter Paint Company, then renamed Resorts International, from CIA frontman James Crosby. Michael Collins Piper writes,
“In 1958-59 Dewey and a number of associates used a reported $2 million in CIA funds to buy a controlling interest in the Crosby-Miller Corporation (headed by Dewey friend James Crosby), which was then merged with Mary Carter.”[xxxiii]
An add for the Mossad/CIA/Permindex front Mary Carter Paint Company. Note that Dewey is tied to the coverup of the JFK assassination conspiracy through the Lansky syndicate. Piper continues,
“In 1963, Mary Carter Paint spun off its paint division and during the next several years began developing its casino operations, particularly in the Bahamas. In 1967-68, Mary Carter Paint officially changed its name to Resorts International and began massive international expansion. The Spotlight determined that several principal investors provided the funds and assets for the venture.”
The Roy Cohn Machine. Piper lists those principal investors as:
Meyer Lansky, the acknowledged “chairman of the board” and chief financier of the underworld gambling syndicate, who maintained his own longstanding ties to not only Israel and the Mossad, but also the CIA and the American intelligence community; David Rockefeller, head of the Rockefeller financial empire, who provided his family’s clout and CIA and global banking connections to assist in the operation; The Investors Overseas Service (IOS), then the world’s largest flight-capital conglomerate, controlling assets worth $2.5 billion. Tibor Rosenbaum, who was not only the Mossad’s Swiss-based chief financier behind covert arms deals but also the head of the Banque De Credit Internationale of Geneva, the Lansky syndicate’s chief European money laundry; and Baron Edmond de Rothschild of the European banking family and a personal business partner of Rosenbaum in Rosenbaum’s Mossad-related ventures ranging far and wide; and lastly, William Mellon Hitchcock, one of the heirs to the Mellon family fortune (one of America’s largest private family fortunes, which, for many years, has also maintained close ties with the CIA).
Trump’s money laundering Taj Mahal. Trump eventually dumped his Resorts International investments during his bankruptcy, and the company ceased operations in 2014. It’s difficult to believe that the money laundering and skimming of casino profits suddenly stopped when Trump took over the intelligence front. What Lansky’s career in crime showed was that casinos were good for stealing from the poor, getting rich, and laundering money for groups interested in carrying out covert and illegal operations.
One of Lansky’s partners, the late Jewish Louis Lesser, in 1990 sold Donald Trump The Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.[xxxiv] Trump refers to the syndicate operative Lesser as a “legend”.[xxxv] After the Mahal went bankrupt, court proceedings revealed Trump’s casino was involved in money laundering.[xxxvi]
Gingrich with Jewish yarmulke in apparent Kabbalist pose. Newt Gingrich’s Trump lie
Before I go on here, I should point out that it was largely the March 2016 televised propaganda of Zionist neocon Newt Gingrich that led to the public’s false perception of Donald Trump as an anti-establishment outsider. On Fox News, Gingrich attempted to paint Trump as not belonging to the Judeo-masonic cryptocracy[xxxvii], which he undoubtedly is a member, likely as a freemason. Gingrich’s lies were televised as part of a script to set up Hillary’s strawman, false opposition, which he has now shown to be. The Gingrich lie paved the way for the conservative-thinking public to be groomed for Trump to be their hero.
WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 28: Speaker of the US House of Representatives Newt Gingrich (L) prepares to shake hands with Chabadnik Rabbi Moshe Herson (R) after presenting a Congressional Gold Medal during ceremonies on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, 28 June. The medal is given in honor of the late spiritual leader Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, (Photo-C) who died last year.AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read RICHARD ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Jewish casino magnate Carl Icahn
El-Batrawi and Icahn. Aging casino magnate and hedge fund investor Carl Icahn is yet another apparent Lanksy organized crime syndicate operative and friend to Donald Trump. Icahn is tied to the kosher 9/11 truth movement through John Gray[xxxviii] and is connected to Trump associate and Mossad asset Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi billionaire. Icahn extended a $100-million line of credit to Khashoggi in his failed GenesisIntermedia endeavour[xxxix], likely an intelligence front and money laundering operation like many of his others. Trump has teased a bid to make Icahn treasury secretary should he become U.S. president.[xl] Interestingly, Khashoggi and Trump associate Ramy El-Batrawi, from Part I of this series, two years ago tweeted Icahn the following message: “@Carl_C_Icahn “hi Carl how are you its been a long time.”
Icahn (second from left) and El-Batrawi (second from right) playing poker. El-Batrawi posted this photo on his Twitter page on Dec. 15, 2015. Shortly before its closure on Oct. 10, 2016, Icahn tried to bail out Trump’s bankrupt, money-laundering Taj Mahal (Mahal property was originally part of Lansky’s Resorts International front). Although he wasn’t able to save the resort, Icahn Enterprises gained control over Trump’s other banrkupt casino, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, run by Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. Icahn took it over this year, two years after its filing for bankruptcy.
The fix. Trump and Clinton in it together. Conclusion What I have attempted to show here is that U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is a sexually compromised and, subsequently, blackmailed stooge for the Jewish-masonic cryptocracy, specifically controlled by Israel’s Mossad. His public image in the race for president is fake and is designed to radicalize the right while pushing the left further into the arms of awaiting candidate Hillary Clinton. A recent Wikileaks of the Podesta files reveals that the Clinton team wanted extreme Republicans as the best possible opponents leading up to her election win.[xli] Trump has certainly achieved this, by saying all the things the opposition wanted to hear. Today, Trump continues to carry out the Judeo-Masonic agenda while providing catharsis to the alternative right, who take him at face value.
Notes: [i] Bollyn, Christopher, Ehud Barak – Architect of 9-11, September 11, 2009 – [ii] Donald Trump Says Thousands of Muslims Cheered on 9/11 in Jersey City – [iii] Full Donald Trump Interview With Stephanopoulos Nov.22, 2015 – Trump’s outrageous claim that ‘thousands’ of New Jersey Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attacks – [iv] Dwyer, Jim, A Definitive Debunking of Donald Trump’s 9/11 Claims, New York Times, November 24, 2015 – [v] Fox News, One Arrested, Others Detained at NY Airports – [vi] East Rutherford Police Department report on dancing Israelis – [vii] Piper, Michael Collins, Someone Tell Trump: It was Jews, Not Arabs, Dancing on 9-11, December 24, 2015, American Free Press – [viii] Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11 – [ix] Bridis, Ted, U.S. deports Israeli spy suspects, Associated Press Online, March 5, 2002 [x] FBI files on dancing Israelis – purpor [xi] Bollyn, Christopher, Five Dancing Israelis – [xii] Gahary, Dave, 9-11 Cop Breaks Silence, September 23, 2011, American Free Press – [xiii] Jones says Israel couldn’t do 9/11 – [xiv] Front Row Protester Disrupts Trump’s Michigan Speech with “ISRAEL DID 9/11! FIVE JEWS ARRESTED ON 9/11 IN NEW JERSEY, NOT MUSLIMS” – [xv] Kornbluh, Jacob, From AIPAC to Trump: Michael Glassner’s journey, Feb. 19, 2016, Jewish Journal – [xvi] Public documents on Larry Silverstein’s WTC lease – [xvii] Donald Trump Is Good Friends With Larry “9/11” Silverstein – [xviii] Who Controls Donald Trump? – [xix] Trump tells Netanyahu he’ll recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s ‘undivided’ capital ––Netanyahu–Jerusalem–Israel-s–undivided–capital/688340-3395228-format-xhtml-8dwlk3/index.html [xx] Chaitkin, Anton, The Roy Cohn mob and ‘Dirty Dick’ Morris, July 19, 1996, Executive Intelligence Review – [xxi] Nuzzi, Olivia, Trump’s Mobbed Up, McCarthyite Mentor Roy Cohn, July 23, 2015, The Daily Beast online – [xxii] Collins, Paul David, The Ghost of Roy Cohn, August 24, 2014, Conspiracy Archive – [xxiii] Organized Pedophilia and the Criminal Exploitation of Children – [xxiv] Hedges, Michael, Seper, Jerry, Power broker served drugs, sex at parties bugged for blackmail, June 30, 1989, Washington Times – [xxv] Roger Stone admits he is “libertine” on Infowars broadcast July 27, 2016 – [xxvi] Toobin, Jeffrey, The dirty trickster, June 2, 2008, The New Yorker – [xxvii] NYC Pride Parade 2010 – [xxviii] Freelander, David, Roger Stone’s New Book ‘Solves’ JFK Assassination: Johnson Did It!, May 14, 2013, The Daily Beast online – [xxix] Piper, Michael Collins, Final Judgment: the Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, America First Books, Sixth Edition, American Free Press, 2005 – [xxx] Alex Jones confronted on air with Michael Collins Piper’s JFK thesis – [xxxi] Alex Jones divorce record – [xxxii] Fitzpatrick, Timothy, Sheen sex scandal ensnares Alex Jones, Nov. 28, 2015, The Fitzpatrick Informer – [xxxiii] Piper, Michael Collins, Who Towers Behind Trump?, Sept. 28, 2015, American Free Press – [xxxiv] Hopsicker, Daniel, Donald Trump, Dirty Money, & the Filthy Rich in Palm Beach, March 17, 2016, MadCowNews – [xxxv] LOUIS LESSER ENTERPRISES, INC. –,_inc. [xxxvi] Hopsicker, Daniel, Donald Trump, Dirty Money, & the Filthy Rich in Palm Beach, March 17, 2016, MadCowNews – [xxxvii] Gingrich: Establishment Scared of Trump Because He “Didn’t Belong to the Secret Society” – [xxxviii] Fitzpatrick, Timothy, The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections, May 31, 2013, The Fitzpatrick Informer – [xxxix] Icahn to Be Paid $275,000 by Genesis, Los Angeles Times, July 4, 2001 [xl] Udland, Myles, Carl Icahn accepts Donald Trump’s offer to be Treasury secretary , Aug. 7, 2015, Business Insider – [xli] Moser, Richard, Elevating Trump, Oct. 11, 2016, Counter Punch –
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2019.10.17 05:27 lolpolice88 The Top 50 Occupiers of Stolen Māori Land
" Green Rush - Rich-listers, established farming families and a former All Black are among New Zealand's top 50 landowners.
Last week, RNZ revealed that the four largest private landowners in New Zealand are all foreign-owned forestry companies, based on an analysis of Land Information data.
Today, we reveal the top 50 private landowners in New Zealand, who own over a million hectares of land between them. New Zealand's total land area is 26.8m ha.
Nineteen of the individuals or entities on the list are overseas-based owners.
At least 28 percent of New Zealand's land is in Crown or other public ownership, while iwi and other Māori land-holding entities own about 7 percent. We have compiled a list of the top five public landowners, not including the Crown, and the top five Māori landholdings.

The top 50 private-occupiers of Stolen Māori Land

  1. Taumata Plantations Limited (101,854 hectares): Taumata Plantations purchased the former Carter Holt Harvey forests and has kept a significant majority of the land, recently on-selling some of it to New Zealand companies. The company is ultimately owned by several overseas investment funds and banks. The largest shareholder is Manulife, a major Canada insurance company.

The top 5 Pakeha Colonial public entities occupying Stolen Māori Land

The following list does not include the Crown, which RNZ's analysis found occupies at least 6.3 million ha. of Stolen Māori Land.

How RNZ analysed the data

The figures in the list above have been compiled using Land Information New Zealand data and may not account for some land transfers that have not been documented in LINZ's database.
Ownership has been aggregated by the ultimate owner wherever possible - for example, if an individual owns land in their own name, and also via companies they own or co-own (with at least a 50 percent shareholding), that land has been aggregated under a single name, iwi, or entity.
RNZ carried out extensive cross-checking, using the Companies Office website and other resources, to verify the identities of individuals and entities, and ensure individuals with similar names did not have their land-holdings aggregated by mistake.
To determine whether land was publicly-owned, RNZ aggregated any land where the ownership title was in the name of a public entity (the government, public schools, councils, council-owned organisations and so on). Where there was no ownership title, RNZ followed a similar methodology to one developed by Auckland Council researchers last year.
Bodies of water and roads have been excluded from the database, along with leasehold titles.
\This story is part of Green Rush, a series on land ownershipo and forestry by Kate Newton and Guyon Espiner."*
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2019.05.31 20:51 aaronmathews0506 ALL of the vibes as of May 31, 2019

I've been taking notes on Corporate Lunch since I started listening last year. Picking up new brands and style moves and of course, the vibes. Here are all of the ones I have as far as EPISODE 60:
  1. Our Legacy Fall ‘17
  2. Barbasol Shaving Cream
  3. Aperol Spritz
  4. eBay App
  5. Etsy (vintage clothes and rugs,
  6. What’s Up with Stretch and Bobbito Podcast
  7. Mephisto Rainbow Comfort Shoes
  8. Massimo Alba Shirts
  9. The Grateful Dead (Cornell ‘77 Live)
  10. Olivier Rousting (“We do not allow ‘natural’ at Balmain” - Fashion as imagination and escape and fantasy)
  11. The Cactus Shop (rare cactus and dope merch, on Essex St.)
  12. Alyx Vans (Will’s first pair)
  13. Cooperate Lunch
  1. Seashell Motifs (repeating pattern or jewelry)
  2. The Beach
  3. High Tea (3/4pm)
  4. Corduroy (The Cords)
  5. Spiritualized (band)
  6. Brand New’s New Album “Science Fiction”
  7. Zipcodes
  8. Off-White Nike Vaporfly (check out Hoka 1, Japanese running shoe)
  9. Banquet Seating
  10. Eating at the Bar (service is more chill)
  11. Dark Green/Emerald Velvet Anything (walls, carpet, ceiling)
  12. Alyx Men’s (graphic tees)
  13. Referring to Your Apartment as a Condominium

  1. DIY (not having any money and making stuff)
  2. Ribbed or textured white sock (worn with a loafer)
  3. Rugs
  4. Pocket Tee (Paa - brand)
  5. The Giant Navy Blue Marina Outside the Goldman Sachs Building
  6. Polar Seltzer
  7. Stick and Poke Tattoos
  8. The Red Cross/Donating Money
  9. Millennial Slang
  10. Popular Jewelry (canal street, not for the weak of negotiation)
  11. Big Buttons
  12. Keanu Reeves/Winona Rider
  13. Women’s Humor Instagram

  1. Berets
  2. The Summer to Fall Emotions
  3. Pleated Pants
  4. Mobolaji Dawadu
  5. Florence Knoll (“the single most powerful figure in modern design” -NYT)
  6. Here and Now Podcast
  7. Doing Yoga Every Day
  8. Riding in Ubers in Silence
  9. Terry Riley (You’re Nogood)
  10. Prada Store
  11. NY Giants (football)
  12. Rihanna Fenty
  13. Ralph Lauren about his former CEO “He’s a good guy, but he didn’t understand the vision.”

  1. First time wearing boots for the season
  2. Clark’s Desert Boots
  3. Dime Skateboards
  4. Danny Fox (LA Artist)
  5. PG Tips (English Black Tea)
  6. Tekno, WizKid, Mr. Easy (Legover), Devito
  7. Epically Later’d (skate docs on Viceland)
  8. Amazing Spaces (GQ Style Architecture)
  9. Converse One Stars (Tyler’s especially)
  10. Frank’s Verse on RAF by A$AP MOB
  11. Maine
  12. Headspace App (mindfulness)
  13. Regular-ass Restaurants

  1. Coach Mike Tomlin (Didn’t leave the locker room for the Nat. Anthem)
  2. Nirvana Live at Reading 1991
  3. The Epsom Bath
  4. Mephisto Rainbow Comfort Shoes
  5. Jason Isabel Live
  6. Leopard Print Clothing
  7. Caruso (beautiful Italian clothing)
  8. Overalls
  9. Palladium Boots (Pampa Hi)
  10. Apples (farmers market, wash it, knife, slice wedges)
  11. The Texas Gentleman

  1. Jeremy Lynn’s Dreads
  2. Heated Sneaker Debates/Fashion Controversy
  3. College Football
  4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  5. Vitsoe 606 Shelving System
  6. Ad Reinhardt (Black, Blue Paintings, Go to David Zwirner)
  7. Wide Ties (Drakes)
  8. Furry Clothes (Marni hooded pullover)
  9. Evan Kinori Corduroy
  10. Wearing the Same Thing Everyday (don’t re-wear socks/underwear)
  11. Kara Walker’s Art @ Sikkema Jenkins
  12. Unscented Laundry Detergent
  13. Willie Nelson

  1. Bathrobe (having multiple from cool hotels and resorts)
  2. The Suburbs (like beautiful small town part of city limits)
  3. Sunglasses Without the Sun (winter, subway, cloudy)
  4. Twitter over Instagram
  5. Catered Meetings
  6. The Florida Project (Sean Baker, William Dafoe (Daflow))
  7. Faded Orange
  8. Keith Mayerson @ Marlborough Contemporary Gallery (My American Dream)
  9. Adidas Shoe Collection of Dennis Busenitz
  10. Ryan McGinley’s Book “Ryan Mark”
  11. Foam Roller
  12. Have a Relationship with your Framer
  13. Taking A Long Walk (early evening, with or without someone)

  1. Levi’s Vintage Collection
  2. The Q and A Interview Format (interview compendiums)
  3. Gordes
  4. The Long Form Podcast
  5. 917 (Skate brand)
  6. Bandannas as Headbands
  7. David Byrne + Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
  8. Cactus Plant Flea Market
  9. Remove an Essential Ritual
  10. Handle Shit You’re Dreading
  11. Oofos

  1. iPhone X
  2. Vintage Flannels (Towncraft 50s and 60s)
  3. Jason Nocito zines and books
  4. Juergen Teller (Baby Ed photos, style icon)
  5. Velvet Pants (Massimo Alba specifically)
  6. Tide ToGo Stick
  7. Matching Hangers
  8. Tactical/Military Surplus/Military
  9. The Duce (HBO)
  10. Leaving the House Without Your Phone
  11. Porches - Country

  1. Strong Scents (RTH 3 Ointment, 1 Drop into jojoba oil)
  2. Self-Belt Pants
  3. Complex Con/NERD Background Dancers
  4. Snowboarding/Shredding for Real This Year
  5. Friedrich Kunath (print some shit and tape it to the wall)
  6. Engendered Garments Reversible Vest
  7. Changing Up Little Things in your Style (Rocky - Shoe Laces, Will - Watch Band)
  8. Panasonic Skate Video
  9. A Savage - Thawing Dawn

  1. Fitted New Era Caps
  2. Spa Days
  3. Dressing like Eminem on accident
  4. Rhodia Notepads and Muji Pens
  5. Pets - Porno For Pyros (on a playlist and hearing it for the first time again and adding more songs that you wish to have that experience again)
  6. Margaret Howell Knit Wear
  7. Travel Meetings (meet up with artists, designers, store owners, etc.)
  8. Regular-ass Coffee
  9. Weird Stores (something with a really specific point of view, EX: Timbuktu on 2nd street)
  10. Support Your Local Retail (C’H’C’M’)
  11. Spiritual Jazz (Salah Ragab, John Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders --> The Creator Has a Master Plan)

  1. Miami (Art Basel, Energy, The Standard Hotel)
  2. San Fransisco
  3. Double Knee Pants (Carhartt, Engineered Garments)
  4. WKZSC 88.1 (College Radio at US Santa Cruz - Setlist: Dinosaur Jr. “Don’t,” Sonic Youth “Burning Spear,” Parquet Courts “Stoned and Starving,” The Sugar Cubes “Birthday,” The Talking Heads “Nothing But Flowers”
  5. Healthknit Deadstock Vintage Tees (look on eBay, still alive in Japan)
  6. LDS WORLD PEACE - Joe Roberts
  7. Kabocha Squash
  8. Paddy Melt
  9. Burgundy Socks
  10. In Fiore (maker of beauty products, body balms, solid perfumes)
  11. Buying All of Your Socks and Underwear in Europe (family run shop)
  12. PBS American Masters Podcast

  1. Radical Honesty (being super clear with others)
  2. Reckless Social Media Habits
  3. The Color Blue
  4. “Good Time” (wild Robert Paterson film)
  5. Atlanta College Football/Stadium Hot Dogs and Nachos
  6. Yoga Toes (Feels good on your feet!)
  7. Double RL Thermal (Waffle Knit)
  8. Fabric Brush (Redecker Cashmere and Wool Fabric Brush)
  9. Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (Netflix Documentary)
  10. Kijima Takayuki (Japanese quality hat maker)
  11. Buying gifts for friends, sig. others, and colleagues (maybe get a bunch of the same things and hand them out)
  12. Lean into the Holidays (do all the cheesy stuff)

  1. Uniqlo Long Johns (HEAT TECH)
  2. Short Stories (Barry Hannah [Airships], Alice Munro, Wells Tower [Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned])
  3. Buying CDs in a destination for a car trip and keeping them in rotation for the duration of the trip
  4. Shazam!!!!
  5. Trust Your Gut (don’t let people convince you otherwise)
  6. Just Start Doing Things (begin something and figure out how to keep it going, COMMIT THROUGH ACTION)
  7. Shazam Anytime Anywhere
  8. Latkes
  9. Scarves
  10. Get Some Tailormade (Go somewhere where your dollar goes far)
  11. Weird Collabs Between Brands
  12. Pierre Bourne - “Blessings”
  13. Noah Johnson is a DAD!

  1. Sneakers of 2017 (Converse One Star of all kinds and JW glitter, New Balance x Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Vuitton, RAF, Balenciaga)
  2. Chevrolet (vintage especially)
  3. Marni
  4. An Arsenal of Coats
  5. Rick Owens
  6. Date Night, Go See To the Cinema
  7. Dudes Wearing Little Bags (get a bag that’s a little uncomfy)
  8. Holiday Cards (the old fashioned way)
  9. Collecting Hotel stationery (write a note and put it in a blank envelope)
  10. Embrace Change. Accept Change.

  1. Everybody Wearing Winter Coats
  2. Packing for the Weather
  3. Dress Scarves
  4. OVO Piolet Jacket
  5. Bode (Emily Adams Bode’s new brand, 1 of a kind using vintage fabrics)
  6. Snow Shoeing
  7. Ghetto Brothers - “Power Fuerza”

  1. Going to Concerts Alone
  2. Flat, NY Style Coffee Lids
  3. The Experience of a Restaurant
  4. Awards Season
  5. Mixing Navy and Black

  1. Versace x 2 Chains - The Link Sneaker
  2. Anitomica (vintage style, tough environment, euro-militaristic)
  3. Missoni Men’s Wear (the thing about fashion is it is important to find someone that can make something that is induplicatable???)
  4. Drake - “God’s Plan”
  5. Prada Badge Holders
  6. Don’t Let the Bellmen Take Your Bags, Take the Bags Up Yourself, FIRST THING YOU DO: Unpack the Entire Bag
  7. NYC Clout Corridor

Episode 20:
  1. Arc’teryx Leaf
  2. O-Ring Leather Belt
  3. Mr. Mort (Mordechai Rubinstein)
  4. Peaky Blinders
  5. Upper-Body Strength (rock climbing)
  6. Shearling Vests
  7. Never Talk To Me About My Clothes
  8. The Daily Bag - Which Bag? (Noah: No Bag! OR unstructured tote)
  9. The Nine Club (2 Hour Skate Interviews)
  10. “Do you listen or do you wait to talk?” -Uma Thurman in PULP FICTION

  1. Going to the Dentist
  2. The Westminster Dog Show
  3. Boiling Point 1990 Japanese Film (incredible style)
  4. Ombre Pattern
  5. GQ’s March Cover (feat. Timotheé Chalamet)
  6. Outer Space
  7. USA Olympic Snowboard Team Uniform (NASA logo)
  8. Louis Vuitton Archlights
  9. Men Wearing Women’s Sneakers
  10. Feme Bots (synthetic influencers)

  1. Prince - “Sometimes It Snows In April” (Frank should cover thisssss)
  2. Turnstile’s New Album (hardcore band)
  3. Elliott Smith - “XO”
  4. Give Matthew Williams (Alyx) a Major House (speaks to this generation without pandering)
  5. The Sultans of Twang (country music artists in GQ STYLE)
  6. Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Cover (well-under produced)
  7. 7 Seconds (Netflix high-intensity drama)
  8. Pierced Ears
  10. Nike SB’s Skate Shoes for Women

  1. The Color Purple
  2. Sleep (a state of consciousness)
  3. Palace (Freeskate Mag interviewed the founder)
  4. Lucas (friend of the pod/fashion student in Milan)
  5. Fishing Vests
  6. Gathering Around the Record Player
  7. Walk Away When You Know You’re Going to Get a Bad Haircut
  8. GUTS (having a constant dialogue with your gut)

  1. Blundstones
  2. Fuck Winter Era (late winter)
  3. Supreme Zip Sweaters
  4. Can’t Deal With Sneakers and Suits
  5. Buy Book Recs Instantly on Amazon Prime (then there’s a stack of good books — “Pachinco” by Minjin Lee, “Asymmetry,” “A Kind of Miraculous Paradise” by Sandra Allen (schizophrenic uncle’s memoir with add-in’s from Sandra Allen))
  6. Framed Posters from eBay (AI Friedman’s framing section)

  1. Sam Hine’s Promotion
  2. Josh Archer (got Noah the fishing vest)
  3. David Hicks (British interior designer)
  4. Get Cherry Tree Branches at NYC Plant Stores (late March, put some in water, they blossom, it’s fucking dope)
  6. Acronym Nike Vapor Max
  7. New Pair of Re-Worked Carhartt Painter’s Pants (from RTH in LA)
  8. Spike Jones’ “Goldfish” by Girl Skateboards
  9. The Grateful Dead - “The Other One”

  1. Color
  2. Ice Cream (Van Leeuwen's)
  3. Up Size (stop tailoring denim and vintage tees)
  4. Incense Store on Manhattan Ave ($2 for a box, check out Kumba)
  5. Go Hard in the Paint. Go All the Way. (no beaters, only Jawns)
  6. Gosha Rubchinsky
  7. Seasonally Appropriate (Mordechai’s wool beret in the winter)

  1. Corduroy Lined Pockets
  2. The Return of Scott Sternberg (former Band of Outsiders head, now starting Entireworld)
  3. Shorts (Patagonia Baggies, YG - Cut-off jean shorts, white socks, and hard bottoms)
  4. Gosha’s Cryptic Instagram Message
  5. Diet Prada
  6. Return of Kanye West
  7. Sies Marjean’s New Collection

  1. @earlboykins (corporate lunch t-shirt)
  2. Garment Sprays (cologne for a fabric)
  3. Pedicure (foot rub, self-care, etc.)
  4. Callie Thornehill Nyewgn @caramelbobby
  5. Trilogy Tapes (British record label)
  6. Recent Vintage Rap (Dipset, Fabo, Pastor Troy, etc.)
  7. Big Boi’s Social Media Feed (music recs)
  8. Mount Washington in New Hampshire (climb it)
  9. Our Legacy Zipping Shirt

  1. 7” Inseam for shorts
  2. Leon Bridges’ Sophomore Album
  3. Sam Hine’s Affordable Footwear Article
  4. “Billions”
  5. Sleep - “The Sciences” (good for concentration)
  6. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!!
  7. The Buick Grand National

  1. All-Plant-Based Diet (vegan, but not)
  2. Chrysler Sebring Convertible (forest green)
  4. Parasol
  5. Converse Skate Video “Purple”
  6. World Cup

  1. Harmless Harvest (coconut water)
  2. David Lynch’s Disrupt Festival
  3. KTUH U of Hawaii Radio Station
  4. Kerry James Marshall Sold a Painting to Diddy
  5. The Return of Andre 3000
  6. “Ornery” A New Yorker Profile of Merle Haggard (a story about his surfing partner)
  7. Hockey’s New Video With Andrew Allen
  8. Arctic Monkey’s New Album
  9. MGMT’s New Album

  1. The Group Text (the skate group text)
  2. Loafers
  3. The Bass Wejuns Two-Tone Loafer
  4. Go Maximum at the Beach
  5. Cartier Crash
  6. The Donk (@donkplanet, 1971-1976 Chevy Caprese or Impala)
  7. “New Light” - John Mayer
  8. Dapper Dan

  1. Aquarium Drunkard (music blog, good shit, real heads)
  2. @heavyhymns Michael Hens’ Collages
  3. Every Day Oil (internet oil company)
  4. Drag City Records Now Streaming (Will Oldham)
  5. Tierra Whack - “Whack World”
  6. “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide whether it’s good or bad. While they are deciding to make even more art.” -Kerry James Marshall
  7. Tony Hawk

  1. The Rowing Machine
  2. Milan, Italy
  3. Kanye West Going to an Idaho Thrift Store and Bought 13 Trash Bags of Clothes
  4. Marni
  5. “I’m talking about control and chaos and everything, yes, but in my personal life, I’m looking for a balance between responsibility, well-being, and extreme hedonism. And I think there is a way of balancing that out. Responsibility doesn’t mean you’re uptight and hedonism doesn’t mean that you’re evil. The Birkenstock adds this nice placid serene feeling of well-being and liberalism. It’s like taking muesli with your ecstasy.” - Rick Owens
  6. The Return of Kid Cudi
  7. The Casti Burger at La Castiglione (Paris)
  8. Shorts (at fashion shorts in the city

  1. Fueguia (smells like geraniums, have a store in SoHo)
  2. Street Style Photographers Tommy Ton, Phill O., Dan Roberts
  3. Summertime White Pants and White Jeans
  4. Inouk - “No Danger” (Amen Dunes New Album)
  5. Abasi Rosborough
  6. Don’t Use Blackout Curtains
  7. Deadstock/Deadstock Fabric (look for it, check out Bode)

  1. Mid90s
  2. Retro-Vans (circle with v)
  3. LQQK Studios
  4. The Hoka Recovery Slides
  5. “Death of a Once-Great American City” (Harpers Magazine article)
  6. Oppressive Summer Heat
  7. California Closets
  8. Summer Blueberries
  9. Pies and Thighs (NYC pie shop)

  1. All White Off-White x Nike Presto
  2. Toby Nwigwe - “I’M DOPE”
  3. Winnie the Pooh (the tao of pooh)
  4. The Great Frog London (jewelry shop)
  5. Missoni x Larose Bucket Hat
  6. Ken Burns: Vietnam
  7. Summer Vacation Boredom (let yourself get bored)
  8. Sam’s New Haircut

  1. Haider Ackerman Story
  2. Heirloom Tomato Sandwich
  3. The Vitamix
  4. Secession
  5. Affix (new brand, Steven Mann)
  6. RTH Poplin Shirt
  7. Full Track Suits

  1. San Francisco
  2. Doing Things Your Own Way
  3. Smashing Through
  4. Ankles (show them)
  5. Own Black Oxford and them

  1. Gillian Welch (Americana singe/ April the 14th pt. 1, I wanna sing that rock and roll, I dream a highway, everything is free, look at miss Ohio, wrecking ball)
  2. Robyn - Honey
  3. Will’s Watches
  4. Pharrell’s Pants (dickies industrial relaxed fit/human-made hacked off about 8” chino)
  5. The coming issue of GQ STYLE
  6. Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways (trying something outside of the norm)
  7. blankets
  8. T Magazine’s Alessandro Michele Profile
  9. Pro-biotics (yogurt, kombucha)
  10. Spicy Village (steamed dumplings)

  1. Cats of Tel-a-Viv
  2. Sexy Central Park Duck
  3. “In A Lonely Place” by Dorothy B. Eues (noir: check out as well Jim Thompson)
  4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy (brand)
  5. Ohad Bennit’s Lamps (moonflower lamps -
  6. Stevie Nicks - “Wild Heart” (youtube clip)

  1. Kimono
  2. Over-sized
  3. Corduroy (wide well)
  4. Music when you walk into a bathroom
  5. Flush sound button
  6. The peace sign
  7. Bowing (3 times)
  8. LL Bean Shammies

  1. 13 Vibes
  2. Bad Santa
  3. Billy Bob Thornton
  4. Mandy (Nick Cage film)
  5. Merry Christmas Lil Mama (Chance and Jeremiah)
  6. We are living in a GOLDEN AGE of Socks and Hosiery (fine cotton, knee-high socks from Drakes, inappropriate socks for the formality, make people confused)
  7. The Nike Dry Fit (the greatest sock ever)
  8. Joshua Vogel (wood crafter and artist)
  9. Vogel's black wooden stools
  10. Time Crisis (Ezra Koenig’s podcast)
  11. Contra by Vampire Weekend

  1. Tom Sachs Nike’s
  2. George Cox Creepers (Comme des Garcons x George Cox)
  3. “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” (Cohen Brothers film)
  4. 2018 Skate Videos (“We Blew It At Some Point” Polar, “Purple” Converse, “Roll Up” GX1000, “Blessed” Supreme)
  5. Album of the year: Amen Dunes “Freedom”
  6. Movie of the Year: “Mandy” (feat. Nick Cage)
  7. TV Program of the year: Ken Burns’s Vietnam
  8. The Great Holiday Escape (Dec. 26 LEAVE NYC, go somewhere weird)
  9. More Change

  1. Steven Yin’s 2019 NYC Fashion Week Issey Miyake fit
  2. Layering from light to dark
  3. Latte Art
  4. Dressing for the month
  5. Baker Pants (military pants)
  6. Moire Silk
  7. Men in pearls
  8. Seashells
  9. Chef’s Hats/Shirts

  1. Sweater Bow (sleeves of hoodie tied around the neck and under armpit across chest)
  2. Lorod (New Brand)
  3. Marc Jacobs Feb 2019 fits (pants!)
  4. Sies Marjan
  5. Hobbies
  6. Sending emails that exist solely in the subject line
  7. Iridescence
  8. Men’s Hair Accessories (barrette)
  9. Butterflies (butterfly gold chain)
  10. Personal Shoppers
  11. Terry Cloth Shorts (faded color, oversized)

  1. Exotic Fruit (pomegranates and figs)
  2. GQ Style Spring Issue
  3. The Redding ‘92 (Kurt Cobain's hair cut at Reading show)
  4. Vanilla
  5. LVMH Prize
  6. Good Wear (great blank tees)
  7. White Turtle necks
  8. Cafe Forgot (traveling pop-up shop)
  9. Socks with Sandals
  10. Vince Staples (specifically his take on Obama’s jacket)
  11. gunna’s drip or down 2 cover art

  1. Adidas Samba (black, white stripe, regular tongue, gold stamp)
  2. British Novels
  3. Cowboys

  1. Press Conferences (need a comeback)
  2. Goldman Sachs New Dress Code
  3. Marylin Manson (went to an Oscars after party with Adrian Brody)
  4. Hugh Grant being confused
  5. Fireplaces
  6. Bells (service bells, under desk bells, dinner bells)

  1. Jake Phelps (editor of thrasher mag)
  2. Quilted Fabrics
  3. Claritin
  4. Marin

  1. La Sportiva (Solomon type shoes)
  2. Poncho, no sleeves
  3. Bottomless Brunch
  4. Jason Dill
  5. Bonnie Raitt
  6. Public Practice (Punk Project)
  7. Tropical Wool (Noah wants a TW Suit)

  1. Kastle Editions (makes one kind of coat very well)
  2. Issey Miyake - Pleats Please
  3. Amiacalva bags
  4. Alexandra Sojfer Umbrellas
  5. A$AP Nast X Converse
  6. Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses
  7. Caspari Napkins (dope napkins)
  8. The Return of Lil Uzi Vert
  9. Ball and Cone
  10. Peter Reed Linens
  11. Rachel’s “Everything in Fashion is Either Giant or Tiny”
  12. Vintage Mountain Bikes (90s)
  13. Line Sander (deadstock fabric fashions)

  1. Silk Shirts (Supreme’s are great Our Legacy’s are best)
  2. Princess Diana (tuck jeans or sweatpants into cowboy boots)
  3. Bianca Saunders (leather jacket)
  4. Open As Usual (London store, tees and sweats)
  5. Holland and Holland (British country clothes)
  6. Kerwin Frost

  1. Chacos
  2. Iced Cortado
  3. Ashley Williams (female streetwear)
  4. The Broken Record Podcast
  5. Ruth Bater Ginsberg
  6. Eden Power Corp (brand for environmental protection)
  7. La Lane (French furniture designers)
  8. Lumbar support pillows
  9. Classic Hits (new LA store, owned by Come Tees owner)
  10. New Balance 990 V5 (same as V4)

  1. Frozen Drinks (margarita, piña colada)
  2. Diane Ketan’s Instagram
  3. Pratt’s Fashion Program

  1. Toddler Core
  2. Jordan 11 (Golf Shoes)
  3. Manicures
  4. Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
  5. Budweiser

  1. Bike Commuting
  2. Harry Styles’ Met Gala Earing
  3. Jeremy O’Harris’ Met Gala Cigarette Holder
  4. Noguchi (lamps and museum)
  5. Men With Long Beautiful Hair

  1. Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour (Sirius XM radio show)
  2. Keanu Reeves on a T-Shirt that Sam is wearing
  3. Sale Season
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2019.02.25 13:04 razzic Expected Stats Review – GW27: Top Performers, Underperformers and Overperformers

Hello, and welcome back to this Gameweek’s Expected Stats Review.
TL;DR: Visual summary – Season to date. (Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards)
TL;DR: Visual summary – Last 5 GWs. (Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards)
Quick notes following GW27:
Before we dive into this week’s numbers: For all questions regarding the nature and usefulness of ‘expected’ stats and the data here, please see my original post.
The TL;DR is: ‘expected’ stats are useful and strongly associated with actual performance but should be just one input to your FPL evaluations. Don't make any FPL decisions purely based on this. Go explore the full 'expected' stats data. Combine your analysis with other statistics. Make qualitative assessments of on-the-pitch performance, form and fixtures, use bookmaker odds, etc.
As always, the data is from understat. And as always, thoughts and feedback is very welcome.
For more thoughts and discussion, find me on Twitter @wiscostretford. My FPL team, by the way, is here.
Now, on to the stats for the season so far:
Last GW’s Top Performers
The ‘last GW’s top performers’ stats tells us which players have performed the best in terms of combined expected goals and assists (xG+A) in the last GW only.
Player ChangeThisGW Last3GWs
Gerard Deulofeu 2.02 2.1
Joshua King 2.01 2.22
Alexandre Lacazette 1.55 2.34
Salomón Rondón 1.51 1.89
Troy Deeney 1.23 2.09
Robert Snodgrass 1.22 1.98
Isaac Hayden 1.13 1.33
Angelo Ogbonna 1.13 1.13
Henrikh Mkhitaryan 1.1 1.53
Chicharito 1.07 1.49
Ryan Babel 1.01 1.74
Raúl Jiménez 0.91 2.48
Miguel Almirón 0.9 NA
Abdoulaye Doucouré 0.81 0.85
Sead Kolasinac 0.79 0.92
Luka Milivojevic 0.78 1.93
Johann Berg Gudmundsson 0.71 1.07
Ashley Barnes 0.7 3.74
Sol Bamba 0.68 0.9
Wilfried Zaha 0.66 1.43
Overall Top Performers
The ‘overall top performers’ stats tells us which players have performed the best in terms of combined expected goals and assists (xG+A).
Player Team Apps Min Goals Assists Shots Key passes xG xA xG+A
Mohamed Salah Liverpool 27 2299 17 7 88 52 16.76 8.44 25.19
Sergio Agüero Manchester City 23 1703 17 6 84 22 15.88 3.66 19.54
Raheem Sterling Manchester City 24 1969 12 8 46 51 10.41 9 19.41
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 26 2031 15 4 64 25 15.17 3.58 18.75
Eden Hazard Chelsea 25 2026 12 10 67 68 9.9 7.64 17.53
Harry Kane Tottenham 23 1987 15 4 81 24 12.84 4.32 17.15
Paul Pogba Manchester United 24 2023 11 8 81 37 12.28 3.86 16.14
Roberto Firmino Liverpool 27 2082 9 4 57 32 10.25 4.63 14.88
Jamie Vardy Leicester 23 1755 8 3 46 18 11.66 2.85 14.51
Raúl Jiménez Wolverhampton Wanderers 27 2232 10 5 84 32 9.88 4.56 14.44
Callum Wilson Bournemouth 21 1744 10 5 44 26 9.56 4.42 13.98
David Silva Manchester City 23 1646 6 4 40 49 6.19 7.26 13.45
Aleksandar Mitrovic Fulham 27 2385 10 2 93 24 11.15 2.19 13.35
Leroy Sané Manchester City 23 1448 8 9 42 34 6 6.91 12.91
Joshua King Bournemouth 24 2050 9 3 49 27 9.29 3.4 12.69
Gylfi Sigurdsson Everton 27 2185 9 3 63 48 8.23 4.35 12.58
Sadio Mané Liverpool 25 2126 12 1 58 28 9.36 3.13 12.48
Ashley Barnes Burnley 26 1424 8 2 45 15 10.28 1.95 12.23
Ryan Fraser Bournemouth 27 2225 5 9 31 62 2.98 9.11 12.09
Marcus Rashford Manchester United 23 1628 9 6 57 24 8.66 3.29 11.94
Overall Underperformers
‘Overall underperformers’ indicates players with lower actual returns (G+A) than expected returns (xG+A) to date. This might be due to bad luck or lacking skill. The top 20 are shown below.
Player Team Apps Min Goals Assists Shots Key passes xG xA xG+A Difference
Joe Ralls Cardiff 22 1583 0 0 18 27 1.24 2.75 3.99 3.99
Isaac Success Watford 23 871 1 0 25 19 3.15 1.79 4.94 3.94
Gabriel Jesus Manchester City 21 821 6 2 35 17 8.98 2.54 11.52 3.52
Jamie Vardy Leicester 23 1755 8 3 46 18 11.66 2.85 14.51 3.51
David Silva Manchester City 23 1646 6 4 40 49 6.19 7.26 13.45 3.45
Pascal Groß Brighton 18 1338 2 2 20 40 3.08 4.16 7.24 3.24
Mohamed Elyounoussi Southampton 15 696 0 0 19 15 2.12 1.12 3.24 3.24
Christian Benteke Crystal Palace 7 474 0 0 19 5 2.68 0.43 3.11 3.11
Sean Morrison Cardiff 23 2053 0 3 21 16 3.3 2.75 6.04 3.04
Patrick van Aanholt Crystal Palace 27 2398 1 2 36 29 1.83 3.87 5.7 2.7
Theo Walcott Everton 26 1789 3 2 28 19 4.9 2.64 7.55 2.55
Christian Atsu Newcastle United 20 1169 0 0 23 13 1.33 1.17 2.5 2.5
Antonio Rüdiger Chelsea 25 2229 1 0 22 8 2.58 0.9 3.48 2.48
Joe Bryan Fulham 17 1374 0 1 11 14 0.29 3.03 3.32 2.32
Ashley Barnes Burnley 26 1424 8 2 45 15 10.28 1.95 12.23 2.23
Sead Kolasinac Arsenal 16 1389 0 4 6 26 0.31 5.92 6.23 2.23
Callum Paterson Cardiff 24 1941 4 1 41 23 4.95 2.26 7.21 2.21
Jürgen Locadia Brighton 20 989 2 0 24 12 3.23 0.95 4.19 2.19
Laurent Depoitre Huddersfield 23 1039 0 1 30 9 2.67 0.45 3.12 2.12
Chicharito West Ham 19 964 5 1 31 4 6.89 1.23 8.12 2.12
Overall Overperformers
‘Overall overperformers’ indicates players with higher actual returns (G+A) than expected returns (xG+A) to date. This might be due to good luck or exceptional skill. The top 20 are shown below.
Player Team Apps Min Goals Assists Shots Key passes xG xA xG+A Difference
Son Heung-Min Tottenham 21 1458 11 5 55 23 6.68 3.19 9.87 -6.13
Christian Eriksen Tottenham 24 1782 5 9 46 46 3.28 5.09 8.37 -5.63
Alexandre Lacazette Arsenal 26 1798 11 5 54 22 8.77 2.6 11.37 -4.63
Eden Hazard Chelsea 25 2026 12 10 67 68 9.9 7.64 17.53 -4.47
José Holebas Watford 23 1985 3 6 14 32 0.56 4.05 4.61 -4.39
Leroy Sané Manchester City 23 1448 8 9 42 34 6 6.91 12.91 -4.09
Aaron Ramsey Arsenal 23 984 2 6 22 21 2.32 2.17 4.49 -3.51
Sergio Agüero Manchester City 23 1703 17 6 84 22 15.88 3.66 19.54 -3.46
João Moutinho Wolverhampton Wanderers 27 2160 1 7 14 53 0.38 4.37 4.75 -3.25
Marcus Rashford Manchester United 23 1628 9 6 57 24 8.66 3.29 11.94 -3.06
Shane Duffy Brighton 23 2007 5 1 23 4 2.85 0.17 3.01 -2.99
Paul Pogba Manchester United 24 2023 11 8 81 37 12.28 3.86 16.14 -2.86
Benjamin Mendy Manchester City 9 810 0 5 6 12 0.21 2.05 2.26 -2.74
Xherdan Shaqiri Liverpool 21 1009 6 2 25 18 4.01 1.28 5.29 -2.71
Ross Barkley Chelsea 21 884 3 4 30 13 2.67 1.77 4.45 -2.55
Anthony Martial Manchester United 20 1293 9 2 30 30 5.49 2.99 8.48 -2.52
Ciaran Clark Newcastle United 11 850 3 0 7 2 0.47 0.05 0.52 -2.48
Kyle Walker-Peters Tottenham 3 102 0 3 1 3 0.33 0.23 0.56 -2.44
Ricardo Pereira Leicester 24 2139 2 4 20 25 0.77 2.86 3.63 -2.37
Zanka Huddersfield 23 2061 3 1 8 8 1.48 0.39 1.88 -2.12
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2017.12.28 08:10 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 234 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • >>>CONT
    • This would be an explosive thing to come out, that there was this Republican-Democrat conspiracy around uranium and sugar meat--
    • That wouldn't be so good
    • So I want to give Jason credit here
    • He got back from Europe and went down with me
    • I was like three four I was three or four days I went down to Joe Rago's apartment looking for stuff
    • And then Jason got off the plane and went right down there and we were drenched
    • And but you can see I've covered this Joe Rago story quite a bit
    • And this is the vero pharmaceuticals [VEROPHARM]--if you don't remember vero pharmaceuticals [VEROPHARM]--first of all Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby knew knew Joe Rago at the Wall Street Journal
    • And Mary Jacoby still there
    • So she would have known Jill Rocco really well
    • Especially a Pulitzer Prize winner
    • But if you don't remember VeroPharm got bought by Abbott Laboratories during sanctions during sanctions
    • So there was some kind of quid pro quo there
    • Now if you don't remember Abbott buying VeroPharm, they bought it, and there was these three key plants, and these were the hundred generic pharmaceutical products they have
    • If you map those out, there's one pretty close to Moscow for the Moscow market
    • And then it's almost a path straight into Ukraine
    • What else is coming from Ukraine's in United States to the different Navy ports?
    • What else is coming?
    • Well it's gonna be uranium
    • Once you have uranium you have color of law
    • Now am I saying that not only a hundred generics are coming into the United States and being that there's a fix going in to buy these generics from Russia, rather than in the United States--to buy them from other people like India and Pakistan, instead of the United States--these generics
    • Is that what I'm saying?
    • Am I saying they're being animal pharma is being repilled, and sold illegally out of the back of pain clinics?
    • Am I saying there's an illicit halal ratline through Javed and Sugarland, and the sugar meat?
    • And then these doctors that are brought in, through this same mechanism, through Pakistan, may be involved in this backdoor pain clinic type activity?
    • Yeah I'm not exactly sure what--conclusions are being drawn
    • I'm just putting it out there to let people model on it, trestle under it, and then also--offer opposing ideas
  • Day 67.3 Did Andy McCabe Bring in the Russian Hackers with Egyptian Pilots? - YouTube
    • This is Day 67 part three
    • Last version I did about this guy named Abu and about this 123 Genesee in Paterson New Jersey
    • This is the same place where the Saipov trucker guy is, lives
    • 123 Genesee it's the same guy who's carting all the uranium all around
    • The 123 agreement is the agreement to ship uranium to every country in the world
    • So is this the cyclop truckers is this the epicenter of the site pop truckers to 123 Genesee?
    • We really don't know at this point
    • But I published a whole bunch of addresses...relating to that 123 address
    • And you can check all that out and 132 for that matter
    • So there's just all these addresses in the 123 neighborhood
    • But what's interesting is there's a connection to this alleged terrorists for the bombing in Chelsea
    • And I know I've talked about that a lot
    • And I've done a lot of shows on that
    • But I have always asked the question: "how do two Egyptian guys here, come into the country, place a bomb in full sight, that they're photographed--they're on television later that night, and get out of the country?"
    • If they're not friends of Andy McCabe, how do they do that?
    • If they're not friends of the counterterrorism group, how do they do that?
    • The thing that leads me to believe that they did know Andy McCabe, and that is the way they got out of the country is because I went to the Benghazi hearing
    • And I saw all the operatives and informants that Andy McCabe had cultivated in Cairo, Egypt
    • I was amazed at how many people, and the amount of money that they offered these guys
    • Now this guy here the guy who actually got pinned for it, I believe was a low-level cashier, living in Elizabeth, New Jersey
    • Not quite in the epicenter
    • But activity all seemed to center around this mosque at 123 Genesee
    • So that is kind of like the key planning mosque is Andy McCabe goes to these mosques, to do recruiting of informants
    • So it just kind of all fit together
    • Now if you don't know the Egyptian Intelligence service it's called GID
    • I've mentioned this before
    • Andy was giddy to get GID folks--it was kind of my mnemonic
    • And it seems like the way Andy McCabe does things is he he kind of slots people in different roles
    • The Egyptians tend to fly the planes
    • The Pakistanis tend to be the sort of do everything with the drugs
    • The Russians tend to be more the hackers
    • The Uzbek East seem to be more the truckers
    • This is kind of reminds me of the old way that Rockefeller used to do with the Pinkertons--that
    • He'd bring all different nationalities into the mine: one group would do one function and it be compartmentalized
    • So no one could talk and communicate and unionize
    • So I just kind of have an interesting angle there
    • But again, how do these guys get in and out of the country, dropping not one, but two, and picture some numerous pictures of them dropping these bombs all over one of the most photographed areas in the country
    • So you probably remember but there was numerous numerous pictures
    • Now Jason had crowd-sourced the truth today over there, did a great job by going to that look one of the locations that Braverman had in his name
    • And I had speculated before that it may be a safe house for people coming in and out of the country
    • And here he is following up on that
    • Yeah do you know these guys? Have you seen these guys?
    • How long have you worked here? 20 yrs
    • You never saw either of these two guys? NOPE
    • Oh they don't live in 5C? NOPE
    • No thank you sir. YOURE WELCOME
    • Happy holidays
    • And what he was talking about there was Eric Braverman and Neil Brown
    • But you notice all these NYPD cars--the the thing he made six months ago there was all these NYPD
    • And then today again, the street was lined with NYPD
    • It's because NYPD's across the street on 21st Street
    • Well one of the things you would do if you were bringing a team in to New York to do a hack
    • Let's say you're bringing in Russians in to hack Trump Tower
    • You would bring them in--you would have these Egyptians first have to stay somewhere, and you would create a diversion, right?
    • Now the Russians are going to be driving the Russians are gonna be driving around New York City right with these they're gonna need a place to stay for a while
    • So was this place in Chelsea a place for operatives?
    • They were in Bravermans name--he was a Democrat DNC CEO
    • Was that kind of the center of operations for the DNC for operatives in New York City?
    • We don't really know
    • But we do know that Fusion GPS was actively hiring a foreign spy, Christopher Steele, to give information, and leaked it to the press
    • This is David Corn over at Mother Jones, and he's currently on the hot seat, saying, "hey how did you happen to be talking to this guy"
    • And and then there's an FBI informant named in here of course that's gonna be Andy McCabe
    • So so this is the old--"hey this is kind of weird" and this they were drop in these different hints or--bombs before the election to try to do an October Surprise
    • One of the October surprises was this October Surprise, which was-this is the Trump Tower hack
    • It was between two Russian banks called Alfa bank A and Alfa bank B in red and then there was another communication from the spectrum health which I believe
    • Again, anytime you go to health and drugs that's gonna be the Pakistanis
    • They're coming in from Michigan--Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • But that but the Russians the hackers are gonna be coming in from Alfa bank A and B
    • And what you want to do is this this is sort of looks like the initiation of Andy's insurance policy on August the 15th
    • Where Andy has the big meeting as office the next day here the Russians, boom you move from almost no activity to boom--you spike here and then they try to find servers...and the key is you want to find servers and you want to access these accounts and you want to--get in the accounts and find some dirt right
    • But then they are not so successful in that initial wave here
    • And now nothing really happens until about a week before the election
    • Again, we're into September
    • Now if you're bringing these guys in right here somewhere in here 15th or so into into Chelsea and then the attack is toward the end of--the next couple of days the attack occurs
    • And they really spiked here, and then the thing gets shut down
    • I think they do actually compromise this server
    • They try to make it look really bad in terms of generating a lot of activity
    • They were already talking back and forth, but these are just kind of chatter back and forth, "hey who are you I'm not who you think I am hey who are you" kind of DNS lookups
    • Then it spikes here they leak that to the press nothing happens
    • And then they really try the Big Bang here at the end--doesn't work
    • Is this Glenn Simpson?
    • Are these Russian operatives that came in to do this?
    • Are these Russian operatives living over here where Jason was today?
    • I don't know but it kind of all fits
    • How did these guys get in and out how do these guys get in and out without with being on television?
    • I mean there was stuff that night of these two Egyptian guys in and out of Manhattan
    • So I just find it difficult to believe that they could have gotten in and out without help from Andy McCade
  • Day 68.1 - FBI Defense to Offense With Fusion GPS Dossier - Light For Democracy - YouTube
    • Good morning in space 68 this is part 1
    • What I loved about doing the timeline yesterday in the first [video] is I laid out a timeline a proposed timeline and then people like this geo peephole analyst and I think she goes by the name of Khattaka
    • I came in and really pulled all kinds of documents and really laid it out--the timeline with documentary evidence
    • And this is the great thing--in one day a lot of people said in one day you wouldn't get this in a law firm--in a year
    • It would just cost you so much money
    • But looking at some of the key dates that she brings out, one of the key new people in this sequence of events of Fusion GPS
    • And this Fusion GPS timeline is this meeting between Lisa Page and James Baker
    • This is gonna be the PP at the beginnings of the Trump dossier, which later will morph into the Peepee dossier
    • And the importance here is the basis of the Trump dossier, I believe is this Russia Russia Russia
    • And it has to do with Russian babies, Russian kids, Russian teenagers, Russian adoption
    • That's the part that's lost here in the Trump dossier
    • It's of all about Russian adoption
    • Now it's very odd that just a few days later ten days later Nellie or is hired
    • And she is not only the Russia Russia Russia expert, spending several years, decades there I believe, and speaks perfect Russian
    • But she's also the Russian baby expert
    • She's the russian teen expert
    • She's the russian adoption expert
    • So it stands to reason that the genesis of the Peepee dossier--the baby peepee dossier if you will--which was the Trump dossier--the first given to Veselnitskaya to take on June 9th to Donald Trump jr. was written by Nellie Ohr
    • So if you go back to my timeline and you make these additions, there's a few things that move around, but one thing I've emphasized from yesterday is the close relationship and monitoring or following of Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby at the Washington Post
    • And remember Washington Post "Democracy dies in the shadows"
    • So we really need to know if the Peepee dossier led to the Peepee FISA
    • That's I'm sure that--we need to know that
    • The second thing is--so that's been clearly established
    • But I'm going to skip over this Becerra server and all these illegal logins...
    • And I'm gonna really key in and kind of focus on us on this timeline here when DNC is hired by Fusion GPS
    • Now I have documents that show there's an earlier relationship in March, where Perkins gets hired by the DNC
    • And then in April moves into hiring Fusion GPS
    • But we can argue about that and
    • Again, I go back to how Manafort--Simpson and Jacoby always just seemed to be Manafort the next word in the sentence--just going by patterns
    • I believe they're hired--Simpson and Jacoby--are hired by the DNC
    • And then Manafort shows up at Trump Tower, not the other way around
    • And I'm putting a causality there that may not be there
    • They may be too miss--unrelated events, but they're I'm putting a causality in there
    • So the second piece here is there's this marathon meeting
    • Now who knows if this meeting between Zebley, which is Justin Cooper's attorney, and Mueller: who knows if it's a defensive meeting or an offensive meeting
    • I think it's maybe now both
    • I think it's how do we how do we put the kibosh on whatever Justin Cooper is saying here
    • How do we put that kibosh
    • And then turn it around on the opposition and accuse them of what Jessie Cooper is accusing us of
    • Best defense is a good offense
    • So I'm now starting to think this is an offense defense meeting, right here between
    • Let's take what Justin Cooper accuses us of Zebley--you were my chief of staff at the at the FBI
    • Now let's turn it on the opposition let's turn it around
    • Let's hire Fusion GPS
    • Let's get a story going let's let's figure out a way of getting a FISA and turn this story around on Trump
    • So that's where I think this Jacoby meeting comes in at the White House--this long meeting--where they strategize and they say here are actors in this play, here's how it will--play out
    • And usually on a CNN--if you've noticed--there's usually three or four or five people that get brought in over a period of one or two days or they'll all say the same thing
    • "Oh yes it's clear now it looks like Russian collusion--oh yeah from my perspective yeah it's it's Russian collusion for my perspective too"
    • "I think yeah there were they were in on those servers at the DNC--it's Russian collusion"
    • And maybe all they were doing is taking the evidence here and taking the evidence from their own Russian spies that they hired, and just giving it the twist of saying Russia Russia Russia
    • And just just erasing out the part about Maryland, and erasing the part out about Centreville, Maryland
    • {{ 911: that's called 'weaponized omission', sir }}
    • So the DNC supposedly waits to call Perkins Coie until April the 22nd when they notice they've been hacked
    • We know this is a lie
    • We know they've been sweeping money going back to the Becerra server
    • We know that they've had seven thousand sweeps by now at that period in April
    • They would have had five thousand money sweeps and NGP van sweeps would have been done already
    • So we know this is a lie
    • And then we have Perkins Coie getting called in to "cloth" [Bleachbit] the servers
    • And now we get into things that have changed in the timeline
    • This is Comey's exoneration level letter was already being drafted
    • So this gives more credence I had this dozens of 20th of May yesterday this gives credence to the "let's get the defense out of the way, and let's get back to offense--let's get back to offense"
    • So two days later or three days later this is this critical meeting
    • "Hhy the defense is done we've got the exoneration level letter done, now let's turn it around and let's turn it over here"
    • "And get Lisa Page who was at the FBI, and all these DOJ lawyers in, and James Baker in to figure out how are we going to construct a document which is going to get us a FISA"
    • And this is what I said before with Judge Contreras coming on the FISA Court in the 15th
    • I believe that there was a first FISA asked for--based on the Trump Tower dossier--and I believe Judge Contreras--around the 15th or maybe a little bit later--turned it down
    • That's why they went to these other strategies of bringing in more spies from from Europe
    • But anyway here you go
    • Here's the 15th
    • They've had this meeting they've decided what to do
    • They've got to get some kind of document to go to the FISA Court
    • So they hire Nelly or she's gonna write this Russia Russia Russia--adoption adoption adoption
    • I think this part has been under-played, on how much this was Russia Russia Russia, but also adoption adoption adoption
    • And that's that document that that comes to Trump jr.
    • And then we we see--Ohr being hired here
    • I had this a little bit later on the 25th
    • It was actually earlier than I thought
    • So sometime between here and here and I should change this
    • Sometimes between the 15th and the 25th is when I say they go to the FISA Court
    • Remember as soon as they're done writing the document her husband right over here works at the Department of Justice they can walk it down the hall
    • They literally can walk it across the street over to 333 Constitution and ask for a FISA
    • So they could ask for it any time of day
    • So these things could have been bang bang
    • So I'm just using these as brackets Nelly Orh writes it
    • Bruce Ohr takes it up to Contreras, in this 15-day window sometime
    • And I'll keep flexible on that 15-day window but
    • Again, it's the crowd it's the crowdsource, putting in this critical pivotal link, showing how--first of all getting this date right on the exoneration--when defense is over with okay
    • Now we put the letter in the drawer
    • We've done the edits to it
    • Hillary's not going to jail
    • Now let's turn back on offense and then have this offense meeting the next day
  • Day 68.2 Brennan Witholds Pee Pee FISA From Obama? Just Describes Verbally? - YouTube
    • It's Day sixty-eight point two
    • And in the hour and a half since I recorded there's been new developments on the timeline--new information coming in
    • But I think the first thing is April physis FISAs bring May wiretaps
    • April FISAs bring May wiretaps
    • It's just obvious April FISAs bring May wiretaps, because: look at how many--you couldn't crowd any more FISA lawyers into this April meeting that I talked about this morning then they did
    • Now I still believe this 1st April FISA that brought a may wiretap was denied by Contreras
    • So it in this case the April FISAs didn't bring the May wiretaps
    • But if you go down and look at all the lawyers--all the DOJ lawyers--first of all, this is [MICHAEL SUSSMAN]
    • He was then at the DOJ but now he's my learning partner learned opponent excuse me, over at [Perkins Coie]
    • But then the list of all the DOJ lawyers that get brought over--if they were there playing Canasta it seemed like they had too many
    • It just goes on and on all the different lawyers
    • And there's different folks that called this this meeting on the 25th
    • So my point here, going back to the to the timeline is that this really was the strategy here was a good offense is a good defense
    • The best defense is a good offense
    • Here Giacolone gets written off the server investigation for Hillary
    • Andy says we've stopped that, now we're gonna hide hire Flynn
    • I'm still jury's still out on Flynn for me if he was maybe a plant or not
    • I know that make some people mad, but then Fusion GPS comes in, and this is the part of the offense
    • It said on the offense was maybe here where the turning point was in April
    • But now that I see all these fights and lawyers coming over after this April 12th meeting, I think the offense started actually back here way back here in March--at the end of March where Fusion GPS gets brought in and the whole plan is an operation it's in motion now
    • They just have to figure out how to dot the i's and cross the t's
    • As more information is coming back in you can see that there was premeditation all the way back here when they shut down the server investigation in February
    • Again, is Flynn a plant? Is he not a plant? We don't know.
    • But then the decision to go on the offensive is made way back here in March
    • I believe way back here in March
    • When you hire in Fusion GPS you already have a plan in mind
    • Is Manafort a plant?
    • And we know man afford--for 12 years previous is in is in John Podesta's office over there at Podesta consulting, like nobody's business
    • So is Manafort a plant in this?
    • Is the whole thing an outgrowth of this server shutdown?
    • Hey we'll put in Flynn as the National Security Advisor--
    • We can set him up on that--make him an informant
    • Then we'll hire Fusion GPS to do the smear and the FISAs
    • That'll that'll get us the wiretap for Flynn
    • We'll put in Manfort
    • Now we can have a wiretap on Manafort,
    • And then we'll set these two guys up and hope they'll be the two dominoes that knock on all the rest of the dominoes
    • Hopefully we can get Trump jr. to conspire
    • We can get Jared to conspire
    • And--we'll hopefully we'll start this chain reaction between Flynn and Trump
    • I know this is gonna make a lot of people mad
    • But I'm just saying if you go back to Simpson and Jacoby and everywhere you find Manafort!
    • He's everywhere--they're together--they're like twins
    • So anyway then there's this meeting here
    • I had no idea this was going to be another Mueller "unload the bus with lawyers" thing
    • {{ 911: Special Clowncil shortbus full of bozo lawyers }}
    • I went to the Mueller of hearing with Flynn the first time
    • There's 18 people in the jury box that are all lawyers!
    • They are all Mueller lawyers
    • They're all ex-Clinton Foundation lawyers filling the jury box
    • This is the Bob Mueller methodology
    • If we can't--if we don't have the law on our side, fill up the jury box with lawyers
    • And hire 50 people if we have to
    • To have them just snow the judge with law and quotations
    • If you don't have the facts on your side, argue the law
    • So that's what I think actually happened here, in this whole Peter Strzok and all this other stuff is this after-the-fact construction
    • These sandcastles they're building
    • This is what really happened
    • They really went on the offensive, I believe, after they got rid of Giacolone
    • They said, "hey Giacolone's fighting this FISA thing. We're gonna have to we're gonna have to do"
    • I think Giacolone was removed, and now going all the way back to February, because he stood in the way of the FISA
    • He said this isn't the way law enforcement is done--that's my opinion we'll see if the facts bear that out
    • But then right here now we're gonna go into the school play meeting
    • We're gonna meet which a Kobe we're gonna meet with Robby Mook and all the different Palmieri, and all the different players in the school play
    • And have this Russia Russia Russia narrative ready for CNN
    • And then we're gonna purport this hoax the DNC was hacked
    • Here of course it wasn't we know that Becerra server we knew we were lying all the time
    • We're gonna go into the Perkions Coie with the cloth on that all the servers are gonna wipe out all the servers
    • Then we're going to draft this exoneration letter
    • Then the DOJ lawyers are gonna go in and really build the case to the president, to get the President to sign off on this
    • Maybe have the president write a letter of recommendation
    • But again, we've got all kinds of FISA lawyers there in May
    • I don't know if the first one got it has been submitted yet or not
    • Maybe this is the final preparation before sending it
    • Remember Contreras comes in on the 15th of May
    • So maybe they're doing the final--the final trimmings, hitting a new judge for the first time, as soon as he takes over on the FISA Court, maybe
    • I don't know
    • But we know that Nellie Ohr's hired to write this FISA paper
    • The timing couldn't be any more exact
    • The timing couldn't be any more exact than having a wordsmith like Nellie Ohr come in and do the final brush up
    • Add some final Russian facts
    • And then we're gonna take it we're gonna here's Glenn and Andy
    • They're running it over they're running it over in the middle of the night
    • They're getting the judge out of bed in the middle of the night
    • (That should say Bruce Ohr)
    • They're getting out of the bed in the middle night
    • They're giving him forty FISAs, and hoping he won't either slamming him, hoping he won't get to the bottom
    • We don't know if that's true or not
    • Maybe they walked over and had a meeting
    • But this will all come out
    • I'm gonna say this as the 15th
    • Now I'm gonna change this on the timeline that this is the 15th
    • But the key here now is the president
    • When did they talk to the president?
    • Now we know the twenty-fourths Simpson--his wife brags about this
    • Well this is the
    • I'm sorry this is the Trump Tower meeting
    • Robby Mook comes out on the 23rd, and says "hack hack hack"
    • This is the right of according to the script of the school play
    • Here comes Jacoby, the wife of Glenn Simpson, saying yeah he's right Jacoby says yeah Glenn did all the work here
    • And now Brennan goes to the White House
    • This is the information that came out this morning
    • Brennan briefed Obama on the 24th, verbally, not during not actually they didn't actually give him the dossier--the presidential Daily Brief on the 24th
    • So the question is: was there a May FISA that got turned out by Contreras on the 15th, then they came back and got the president's executive order, only based on a verbal, not based on the president actually reading the order
    • We don't know that--we don't know that yet
    • But these details are gonna come out they're coming out on an hourly basis
    • They're coming out an hourly basis
    • Now the tarmac meeting makes a lot more sense
    • Because if Brennan actually had that verbal with the president and the president actually signed it, some kind of executive order ordering the wiretap, then you go then Bill Clinton goes to the tarmac and says "hey we got our FISA"
    • Remember you can't be communicating these things that happen in a secret Surveillance Court
    • This would have to be communicated only in this way
    • Kind of in a in a secret setting here
    • And then the DNC lawsuit is filed the next day
    • So interesting timing interesting timing
  • Day 68.3. Obama Did Not Read the Pee Pee Dossier on June 24th, 2016 - YouTube
    • Ok its Day 68 and I'm over at my little Obama thing this morning
    • A lot of people are sending me this--the for your eyes only package that goes to the White House on June 24th confidential etc
    • Normally it's just for the daily briefing for the president
    • And they're saying oh no--"Obama knew"
    • "Obama had the peepee FISA"--
    • And in the peepee FISA there was the Trump was gonna trade a trillion dollars of--of American uranium away to Russia, right?
    • So obviously that sounds like somebody else
    • So anyway, even Brennan, even Brennan intercepts that
    • And says I am NOT going to present this to Obama
    • I'm gonna just gonna tell him that it something's is really terrible in there
    • And hey I need you to trust me Mr. president
    • After twenty thirty years in the CIA, I need your signature
    • That's what happened
    • That's what that is in Brennan's own words
    • Read the read the tablet article--that is in Brennan's own words, he says he didn't want anybody else to see it
    • Why didn't he want anybody else to see it?
    • Because everybody would have started laughing for the for the trillion-dollar uranium deal
    • They would've said wait a minute that's Uranium One--that's us
    • Oh whoa sorry
    • So anyway we're gonna go into DC now
    • We're gonna be doing some other stuff
    • But I just want to say that--you know how Trey Gowdy is
    • {{ Gowdy Mode Activated }} "The blindfolded woman--it's not supposed to peek under the blindfold"
    • {{ The G returns }} It sounds like a little like Janine Lindemulder actually
    • Anyway Task Force sorry--she had to put her through that
    • But we're gonna we're gonna do some stuff
    • And I just want people keep their mind open on a lot of stories that have been covered before, that have been covered in a certain way
    • And we're gonna take a different angle
    • But it's gonna be a very data-driven approach
    • Task Force? extremely data-driven approach
    • And we'll that'll be coming
  • Day 68.4. Are DC Missing Girls Just Modern Slave Catching? - YouTube
    • Its Day 68 and this is part four
    • And this is going to be a slightly different angle on DC missing girls
    • A lot of people have commented said, "hey it's an impossible social situation. Move away from that."
    • We're looking at it from more of a data analysis
    • How many of the girls started in DC, and then ended up missing in Virginia?
    • We went to the site behind us this is National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and there's 387 kids on that website right now that you can go and look at
    • Many of them are not pictured, which is odd because it's hard to find somebody when you don't actually have their picture
    • I'm not saying they all went to Springfield
    • I'm not saying they all got into the limo in Springfield at the limo service
    • But we want to see what the last picture on the Metro if they were coming down here on the Metro
    • We want to see how they're dressed. If they were invited to a party
    • If they were told if they told their friends, they couldn't go to that party
    • All the things that I saw in the Long Island serial killer case, I want to apply to here, to see if there's those same things
    • The limos, the drugs, the invitation of somebody who is supposed to be very important, all that sort of thing that may have lured the girls here
    • Now the Confederate statue being right in front of the National Center for Missing and sploded children, looking down like well--I still can be a slave-catcher
    • I don't I just don't think that's a good idea
    • I think that's a bad statue for this corner, to be honest with you
    • It reminds everybody of a time of very very troubled time, and at a time when when people weren't equally valued in our country
    • And--hey my great-grandfather fought in that war on that side as a cavalry officer
    • But I say now it's time to take that statue down
    • {{ 911: Let's take down ALBERT PIKE's also. Not just a confederate, but a high level Freemason. Central to DC, SO important he needs Congressional approval to be commissioned AND removed. Why? They need to answer for why Albert Pike is still a thing, but people want to take down George Washington for example. }}
    • And let's start actually treating everybody the same--and putting the equal amount of effort of police work into missing DC girls, as we do as we would with missing white kids
    • How about that? Let's try that for a change
    • Task Force is inside there
    • There's not just one way, by the way, over here, there's not just one way,
    • It's not just, you know, 1871 right now--we're gonna have we're gonna just sublimate slavery
    • We're not going to do that with a Mason movement, and we're going to just make slave catching now we're gonna go underground with it
    • {{ 911: If you are reading this right now, you owe it to yourself to read Grant Morrison's The Invisibles }}
    • No that's not the solution
    • The solution is tear it down, take it down, and let's all live together
  • Day 68.5. Task Force Visits NCMEC. - YouTube
    • We're here at historic Alexandria--the waterfront
    • You can see as I walk through time behind me kind of how it developed as a major port
    • And slave trading was a part of the history, of course
    • And then came a major port in World War one I believe
    • And then on to the future
    • But you kind of look out across the Potomac here
    • I doubt Washington threw a dollar across
    • But getting back to the missing girls here
    • If we go back to around 1871--slavery is over with
    • That doesn't mean, "oh hey let's come up with a covert method of going and getting our slaves, and then we'll just economically depress everybody, so they can't get away and we'll call ourselves a Masons
    • And then we'll have these meetings with stinky ropes
    • And we'll threaten to kill you if you ever talk about it
    • That's not actually democracy
    • And what the problem with the Masons is they infiltrated themselves into law enforcement and our judiciary and our political area
    • If you go all around washing you see all these reminders to kind of threaten people and live under kind of this threat always
    • And they don't have due process at the Masons okay
    • So I just wanted to kind of say that I've been in a Southern fraternity it was Kappa Alpha order
    • A lot of the same rituals it was based on Robert E Lee I wasn't doing an infiltration at the time
    • But I didn't know I was getting into until some of the songs started coming out
    • And then I kind of it was only there like a semester
    • But the idea that you can own another person and then you can exact reprisals against another person if they don't listen to your commands is an idea that's very much alive still in these secret orders
    • And I--the Trial of Fire, Trial of Ice--all that
    • I don't really care about exposing your crappy order secrets, because it's wrong, okay?
    • So I'm not saying that that is the slave caching that's going on here
    • Or the the use of "let's say well we'll bring the DC girls down here they're a little less than human we can use them at NIH for experiments we can use them at CDC for experiments"
    • It's it's it's history it happened at Tuskegee, so I'm not making stuff up okay
    • Now I'm not I'm trying to rule that out, but the human body unfortunately through all of our great research at the alphabet agencies has become more valuable not less valuable
    • So I'm going to just interview Task Force here for a second, on you went into the NCMEC
    • TF: I went up to the front--you can't enter the building at all
    • TF: So I buzzed I pushed a buzzer and asked to speak to somebody regarding the missing children in Virginia and DC and really all over the country, but just the high number that's going on here, and asked to speak to someone stated we were doing a story,and wanted some information on how they handle the missing children problem.
    • TF: and they would not let me in said I could not enter
    • G: media group only
    • TF: Media group only. Then they sent me to a media phone number, and that was only provides email access where you can send requests
    • TF: And then attempted to enter when somebody else entered and I was kind of rushed to rush by people there and demanded that I leave because they went back in he got kind of bum rush later yes back in when somebody open the door and just attempted to make contact if there's a front desk there there's a lot of people and they are watching me from the outside I just wanted to talk to somebody and they wouldn't let me
    • G: So so in summary there is not a helpful attitude of hey we want to outreach to all investigators
    • We want to engage all journalists we want to engage all investigators
    • It is very much a very different closed order society type attitude
    • I was hoping that that would not be what we found
    • But that's exactly what we found
    • So anyway we're going to enjoy the beautiful waterfront here in beautiful Alexandria, Virginia
    • Thank you all for joining us
  • Day 68.6. My Respects To General Flynn. - YouTube
    • Day 68 part six
    • So I probably need to apologize to General Flynn
    • Sometimes when you're really frustrated that you're not getting any kind of public documents
    • This whole Horowitz thing kind of being invented after the fact
    • Oh yeah sure yeah yeah yeah a week before you were about ready to be nominated--Trump, I was on it
    • I was looking at all these
    • I was looking at the PP FISA
    • Yeah I was looking at the peepee dossier don't don't worry--I was all over it
    • These these text messages that get invented--conveniently after Andy gets caught in his little shenanigans
    • So--and it just seemed odd with the Flynn thing
    • I mean I saw him up close
    • I looked at his eyes--I saw him up close--five or six times that day and it just did not seem like the normal General Flynn
    • There was a diminished, depreciated General Flynn
    • And I'm like that's not general Flynn--he's not acting normal and it looks like it looks like a fake
    • Now maybe there is this grander plan that he was gonna suck at all the conspirators in
    • And--Imperator Rex talks about that--maybe that's the plan okay
    • So maybe--I got fooled I got taken in like everybody else did it
    • It Just it just seemed fake
    • So I could only say exactly how I feel
    • But I do realize he did--gave a country 33 years of service
    • A great man and so I do want to apologize
    • Like I said when I make mistakes I do I want up to it
    • And I usually apologize within two or three hours
    • And I'm doing that now
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2017.12.26 01:17 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 233 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • >>>CONT
    • But anyway we'll see if that is what it ends up happening or not as the facts come out on this the facts are going to come out in this then
    • Even though they put a gag order on Flynn I believe that the facts will come out
    • And there's a very specific reference here to January the 12th okay
    • So anyway what January the 11th, BuzzFeed comes out with releasing the peepee dossier okay
    • So this is the last roll of the dice by the Obama administration
    • OK Great
    • Now general Flynn puts this plan into action of hey where did this come from?
    • This is where I think this--again, it may be a little bit of hidden Markov model here but I really work on signatures and hidden Markov and all that--and it to me it just seems like Rogers and Mattis have put together plan where did this leak come from
    • This thing came out yesterday I think they put a plan in place here on the 12th
    • And we'll see if that's true or not
    • I don't think it's Grassley I don't think Grassley's calling the inspector general Horowitz over at DOJ and putting this little secret team together
    • I think it's me it's Mattis, but we'll see
    • Anyway plan is kind of
    • Now Imperator thinks that Flynn is playing the 'old broken wing defense' deliberately wants to be set up so they could prove the conspirators illegally using the FISA
    • That's Imperitor contends here in 24
    • Bottom line is there's a Counterintelligence team created on February the 12th
    • And basically they're there there entrapping the entrappers
    • So you can read that, and I the only thing I think from the analysis is that it's being driven by Mattis and Rogers, though there
    • They would be at NSA the only people that would know where they got the PP Dossier link from
    • They t would be the only people that knew the Russians in Centreville was actually where they got the information
  • Day 65.4 TruePundit’s Heavyweight Source - YouTube
    • NO Autocaptions
    • Jill McCabe sends message to Andy McCabe thing saying the 675k bribe thing, True Pundit
    • Then Andy forwards it to Comey and says 'heavyweight source', meaning someone knows something inside
    • Comey says, "John at DOJ spins yarns"
    • Would be interesting to know who John at DOJ is
    • NY Field FBI guy went pretty far down the track with Justin Cooper and maybe Eric Braverman
    • You're shutting down demonstrably verifiable indictment here -- can't remember exact phrase
    • One of the chiefs of NYPD also resigned Cortez?
    • I'd like to subpoena those guys as witnesses, let's open that up, let everyone see the documents
  • Day 65.5 Smoky Soul of Pakistan - Zardari - YouTube
  • It Day sixty-five and this is five on Christmas Eve
  • This is an interesting person right here this guy named Zardari
  • He is a key person where you can see Karzai over here and I just look at Karzai and say drug dealer
  • I mean there's just no question about the whole fact of of Mr. Karzai becoming the president of Afghanistan begins though the worst period in American history of drug trafficking, where drug trafficking in the United Sates spikes
  • And people wonder how does it happen well it happens when guys like this and guys like this get into power
  • So I know this isn't best the best Christmas thing to do
  • But if you don't know Zardari he was married twice or he was married to the only prime minister in Pakistan ever to be elected twice as prime minister and as a woman no less
  • And that was of course Benazir Bhutto
  • Now if you don't remember what happened to Benazir Bhutto she was in the headquarters city of Rawalpindi where the Pakistani ISI is
  • And this was a moment in time in 2000 of 2007
  • {{ George plays clip }}
  • Look at the shooting
  • Again, as the gun gun fires at Bhutto her hair is lifted her soul is also seen to rise and she falls inside her car
  • These images, broadcast for the first time, apparently contradicting the official version of events, which insists that Benazir Bhutto was not shot
  • OK, and there you have it
  • That's the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and you could see that Pakistan takes a turn for the worse
  • And again, this is when most of the time that Zardari is and the president it just becomes more of a drug transit nation
  • Wanting to be some become something more than a drug transit nation
  • Wanting to get involved more in the repelling type operations more in the making of synthetics and pharmaceuticals
  • And using that drug money to really increase the the infrastructure the national infrastructure
  • So you're Imran Awan, and this is all happening
  • And we don't know where Imran Awan is during this period of time
  • But these are the things that are going on
  • And I'll just go to some of the pictures here
  • Here's Biden visiting in 2009
  • And then we'll go to Obama with Karzai at let's see in May 2009
  • They had these trilateral meetings
  • So--Clinton and Zardari meet
  • And he's just a dark character he's been so many times involved with--going all the way back to 1998 with Hillary Clinton--with all kinds of corruption charges and so forth
  • So when I talk about the drug traffic and talk about Imran Awan potentially being involved in drug trafficking...this isn't something that, you know, I kind of made up
  • There's a lot of history here
  • We're talking about assassinations
  • Where you shoot the person who is running the country--who's been elected twice as the prime minister in the head in front of a whole crowd of people
  • So and then of course, he's--runs the country during the famous USAID floods of 2010
  • The same time basically--and you find him going back and forth to Dubai all the time
  • And of course they have this very popular son, whom you will you come to know sooner rather than later
  • This Bilawal, and he's involved in this party called the Triple P (PPP)
  • I think Imran Awan's dad was involved with the Triple P
  • This is involved in the Panama papers and it's
  • Again, lots and lots of drug and money laundering throughout his whole career, not just a little bit, and also bombings--a lot of involvement with the bombings in India to keep the ports open for the drug trade
  • So I know it's mainly not the fun topic of the Christmas Eve
  • But I just wanted to pull out a little bit of information about Zardari
  • Their family is very very wealthy and owning thousands and thousands of acres of farmland
  • Second richest man in Pakistan us...1.8 billion dollars
  • So there's your Christmas message
  • The assassination of Benazir Bhutto
  • And then Imran Awan--were you ever in Pakistan during these this period of time?
  • Just think it's an interesting question I mean this is happening and this is like going back to Pakistan during the Kennedy assassination and being a part of--working for the people that were involved in that whole situation
  • So it's just an interesting backdrop - Imran Awan's life as well as all the other conspirators
  • Day 66.1 Christmas Present To Everyone - Five Stories - YouTube
    • Day 66 Merry Christmas everyone this is the first version first Christmas version
    • And I'm enjoying Camtasia because I'm able to do a lot more analysis rather than just raw reporting
    • And I think analysis you get a 10 X Factor
    • And somebody else analyzes your analysis you get a hundred X
    • And then you analyze their analysis of your analysis you get a thousand X
    • So you really get to the--if we were doing uranium we'd be getting two HEU on the third turn
    • And that's the idea here is is Intelligence from raw data
    • So the first one I'm just gonna do the Twitter feed yesterday
    • Because there's so many leads that came from the Twitter feed
    • This is the picture of the Rhoden's funeral these are the eight truckers that are killed down by Cincinnati
    • Of course site Bob our person who runs down people with the truck with the reddit rented truck in Chelsea is also associated with them
    • And he has a trucking company very close to them
    • Then you also have R&L trucking which is been cited for illegal drug trade any illegal cigarette trade--the two go together all in that Cincinnati area--that Clinton County are famous DynCorp Sheriff down there
    • But here is kind of the analysis I like to do:
    • Is here's the wife-beater a guy wearing a wife-beater to a funeral of eight people
    • And he's obviously just taking pictures of everybody at the funeral
    • This is your G4S guy
    • This is your G4S guy
    • This is when you bring operatives in, you use them, they don't care anything about social conventions of wearing a tie to a funeral or whatnot
    • They just want reprisals, they just want revenge, they see everyone else here as friends and family has extended targets as extended targets
    • I know that sounds incredible, but if you look at Gladio you look at Gladio B you look at Gladio C, it's the consistent theme: develop develop develop your gangs for security
    • These are your gangs for security and if not, why wouldn't the G4S people actually go through training
    • Why wouldn't they have their pictures published
    • Why wouldn't their activities and payments by DHS be published
    • Why wouldn't they be sworn officers
    • Why wouldn't they go to accredited training schools etcetera
    • So that's my first com they're about gangs for security
    • And again, if you look at Europe Gladio Asia Gladio B US and Europe Gladio C
    • This is the repeating theme develop your own ratliners
    • You can get it from anywhere usually presents or parole or drug clinics--they'll do anything for you okay
    • So I was twenty miles away, when I was going to the Rhodens and gonna interview the mother before I got parallel constructed
    • So I published this thing last night about Benazir Bhutto
    • And most people kind of forgot about Medes or Bhutto's she was elected twice obviously very beautiful woman as well, well-spoken
    • {{ George plays a clip that is caption inaudible }}
    • So obviously she was very outspoken and very brave and she paid for it with her life
    • But one of the things she said here was that there was a top-level ISI person that was involved
    • And someone on the channel said the Awans were involved in that
    • {{ George plays more clip }}
    • So anyway she said it was a high level person
    • So that'd be an interesting lead there to see if there was in Awan in that investigation
    • Here's CSTT congratulations of em up to 37,000 they're gonna pass me pretty soon that's great news
    • Be great--we used to be have folks that were kind of developed here on this channel kind of go there and do long-form interviews I'd love that to continue the Robyn Gritz type of thing I'd like to to see that continue with some of the people that I'll talk about now
    • Thanks very much for all the Christmas wishes this was really great to receive
    • I felt like I had a huge family sitting by the Christmas tree with me last night
    • And new names keep coming up
    • This Mary Jacoby
    • People made the comments about "the wives: follow the wives"--here you have Mary Jacoby providing you a social media stream for evidence
    • You have Nellie Ohr
    • You have Lisa Barsoomian which is really Lisa Rosenstein all providing more people to subpoena witnesses to subpoena to get to actually get to the truth here was what I was talking about long-form interviews in this investigation of Hezbollah and this Hezbollah car ring the theft ring with the drugs and the money laundering...and the and this getting owned down to this car dealership the CIA car dealership in Falls Church Virginia
    • There's going to be several investigators along the way here that I'd love to see do a long form interview with somebody
    • One American network or someone, because they're going to tell the story
    • There's this a DEA investigator by the name of Kelly
    • There is this person named Asher, who's in the Department of Treasury
    • There's another person in Department of Treasury by the name of Bauer who testified in front of Congress
    • So I'd like to kind of keep getting their names, keep moving down looking at their social media stream first
    • And then asking them questions, hopefully on Twitter engaging them on Twitter and then hopefully even in the long-form interview, on something like one American network or one of the other YouTube channels
    • Now this name came out yesterday I kind of fumbled it a little bit, because I was going from my iPhone
    • But John Giacolone John Giacolone {{ 'Old Scrunch' cologne? }} was the number two guy who got unseated by Andrew McCabe
    • There was a fake crackers with attitude hack
    • And this is what Andy always does
    • He always get some--a third-party fake to--do the hack
    • But they've got the most advanced--vault 7 or vault 8 tools
    • So I think of gia I think of that famous model Gia and then Calzone just with a Z there
    • So just think of Gia eating a calzone, then drop the Z
    • So just John Giacolone but he was the guy who was forced out by Andy he's gonna obviously have contacts to Thomas Paine
    • Hopefully those guys will leak more information
    • Again, no reason to wait no reason to wait everybody says Oh Thomas is gonna drop something the beginning a year
    • Don't wait!
    • Who knows how long you're gonna live
    • So every day is a gift believe me
    • So here's Mark Lambert transport logistics
    • If you followed story these the guys that are doing the uranium one all over the country
    • They're probably going to be involved in the Finicum case believe it or not
    • They're gonna be involved in the Nevada case as well as the Oregon case with the Bundys
    • As far as this isn't really the Bundy case and the finicum case isn't really just kind of doing what was happening in Congo
    • And the other Frank Giustra companies
    • Just kind of brought to the United States
    • Hey we'll discredit these people because we know how to do discredit--really well with Fusion GPS--we'll make them out to be weirdos or--whatever
    • And we'll do Saturday Night Live skits about them
    • And then we'll take all their stuff--
    • Maybe is that what was happening?
    • And then I've talked before about this Greg Fornaro like four in a row four in a row, which was a split off from Transport Logistics, which did this STX--which is the sports transportation
    • Some people say TX means transportation--the sports transportations
    • And they're doing soccer balls from Sialkot I just thought that was an interesting combination
    • Now it turns out they turn up in the Panama papers
    • And they turn up as a kind of a pass-through and in in Switzerland for a company called 'Invicta'
    • And they do manufacture products in Pakistan
    • So I thought that was the interesting combination of soccer balls and uranium
    • Soccer balls and uranium
    • Now the only thing they're really share is the Uzbeki trucking line through Kazakhstan
    • So for people who say the Awans are not related to Mark Lambert up there--transport logistics
    • They've never been to the Port of Baltimore
    • They never picked any rice up at the Port of Baltimore: explain that one to me
    • Explain that one to me
    • This famous who's--Andy McCabe sending a letter to James Comey, saying, "this is a heavyweight. This is a heavyweight"
    • (The guy who leaked these 650,000 emails from Huma's thing, that started this series)
    • This guy's a heavyweight
    • And then Comey comes back and says, "oh it's just John telling his DOJ yarns"
    • Well I think John is gonna be John Giacolone--I think it's gonna be John Giacolone
    • I think that's who he's talking about
    • And that means he's gonna be a witness in my case
    • So this is all about developing witnesses and getting to the truth
    • I made a little comment about Fort Detrick here
    • It seems like we don't make we don't do bioweapons in America anymore: we farm it, out we farm it, out we farm it out and create a private a partnership with Frank Giustra, and we build it in through a secret program--we build it through a secret CIA program in Karachi, okay?
    • So and the other one I wanted to drill down on is again, my name Usman Ashram, who is Usman Ashraf?
    • My name is not on the DNC hacker server
    • This is the DNC hacker server in Pakistan
    • My name is Usman Ashraf is not on there.
    • Who is investigating this?
    • Who is Usman Ashraf, okay?
    • Now there's a couple of different doctors that are Usman Ashraf
    • And there's a couple of different people that are here in Virginia that are in the kind of the trusted Network thing
    • The kind of person that Theresa Gravenstein would hire
    • Drilling down and finding out and doing a long-form interview with this guy--and finding out hey Usman--let's talk about it
    • Why did you have the servers in Pakistan?
    • First get the right one but white why did you have a service in Pakistan
    • Why was stuff going--on an hourly basis from here in the US Congress and the DNC and the DCCC down to you in Pakistan to this server, right on the border of the Kashmir right on the--right where all the terrorists are
    • Just it's hard to explain that--so anyway
    • The last thing is I'll talk about this Mafti getting killed in in in Harrisburg
    • And this is one of the great things about retracing the steps from Saylorsburg and Gulen
    • And the place where Gulen--I had said many times before in Saylorsburg---he has this compound.
    • It's the center of all drug activity in North America and he harbors fugitives
    • And in order to get out of this Saylorsburn, you've got to come through Harrisburg
    • And if you've got to come through Harrisburg
    • And if you get pulled over or stopped you're not gonna make it to the port of Newark
    • I believe the Port of Newark--I believe through the chapel in the port of Newark, or through the mosque--if they have these little places where the different people working on the boats can pray, I believe that's where they're being secreted in and out of the port of Newark
    • Jason and I went there
    • And when you get stopped, you have to shoot the cop to get away
    • And this is what happened, and then they killed him
    • I believe he was trying to get away I think al Mafti if you look at him, was related to the different Egyptian operations--different Egyptian operations
    • And the first big Egyptian operation and I can remember is obviously the Braverman bombing, when they were kind of warning Braverman to shut up before the election, which is on September 15th
    • That is quite a tour de force <
  • Day 66.2. Christmas Message - Why We Work - YouTube
    • It's Day 66 this is part two
    • And everybody has been saying, "George, Task Force, why are you working so hard--you're working on Christmas?"
    • Well I'll guarantee the mothers and grandmothers and even all parents the number one gift that they would want if they've had a child that's overdosed and is not there today, would be to bring that child back
    • And I and this in my dealings have people all at the time on my channel talking about that
    • And here and Task Force how many scenes have you been to where there's been overdoses?
    • TF: I would not be able to count
    • G: Would not be able to count, would not be able to count
    • So this isn't something we just dreamed up
    • And there is an operation here in this state in Virginia--that was Operation Cassandra[sic] [PROJECT CASSANDRA] that identified massive drugs and used cars going to West Africa, and guns coming the other way that was shut down by our FBI
    • So we don't want to do this
    • I mean I would much rather prefer doing something else on Christmas Day
    • But if the FBI is gonna shut [down the operation to stop drug operation], well who's left?
    • I've waited a long time--seven years
    • So and more active in the last year year and a half
    • And I thank Task Force very much for helping me tremendously with all the research...
    • As far as this [HALAL NETWORK]--this [HALAL] meat
    • Halal means kind of I believe it's it's meat that we can't eat if we're Muslim
    • Just like the kosher meat for the Jewish religion
    • But you can't use that as a transport mechanism
    • Just like you can't use your uranium color of law trade to transport drugs
    • We have a 502 percent spike--they're not even reporting drug overdoses anymore in Florida because the spiking is so high
    • This is beyond epidemic
    • And believe it or not this has from something to go from point A to point B, it has to be transported
    • I've we think we've identified not only the key players but the key funnel points--the key mosques that are the [DAR AL HIJRAH] mosque in [FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA]--
    • The key car dealership, the [CARS INTERNATIONAL A] car dealership
    • These aren't speculations, these are
    • [FETULLAH GüLEN] in [SAYLORSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA]--there is just an obvious repository of guns and also a human sanctuary, as well as drugs
    • The number one thing that Trump could do today is just honor the request of our NATO partner [RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN] our key NATO partner in the Middle East, Turkey
    • And send [FETULLAH GULEN] home
    • Cut the head off the snake, and you will have a dramatic drop in a number of overdose deaths
    • Now this'll Halal network this el Mufti the guy was killed in SAYLORSBUG, you're gonna find he's a Halal company
    • He's gonna have connections that Task Force found in [PATERSON, NEW JERSEY] he's gonna be connected to [SAYFULLO SAIPOV]
    • [SAYFULLO SAIPOV] here we go again, the guy who ran down people in Chelsea
    • Reason why these people are getting murdered and shooting police and trying to escape the country is because we're talking about it
    • Criminals don't like you talking about their criminal network
    • And until they come to get us, we're gonna keep publicizing it
    • So there really is no day off in this business
    • Every day is a gift
    • You get to report one more day
    • And there's gonna be connections to Florida
    • There's gonna be connections to [VIRGINIA BEACH, FLORIDA]
    • We've pushed a lot of those out--we pushed a lot of those addresses out already
    • Thank you very much Task Force for all the great research that you've done
    • And--there's no day off when you've got an epidemic like we have now
  • Day 67.1 Fusion GPS Timeline - Whitehouse Pow Wows - YouTube
    • It's Day 67. This is part one
    • And I put together a quick Fusion GPS timeline
    • First piece here is that Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacobi have been writing for The Wall Street Journal a long time
    • And they wrote an article in 2007 about Paul Manafort, which I call the Manafort manifesto, which is, "hey there's these there's these lobbyists in Washington and really know how to pay to play, and they're influencing the Republicans, and they're influencing and etc. Better watch out for those guys"
    • Is that not really just a great advertisement for Paul Manafort, going all the way back to 2007, saying, "boy he's at an influential guy watch out for him"
    • And then lo and behold a year later he ends up metaphor ends up consulting for the McCain campaign and Simpson and Jacoby
    • Again, write an article about it
    • "Oh boy that Manafort--he's tied to everything you better watch out for him"
    • Kind of almost like a enemy saying, "well I really respect that guy"
    • But it could be that they were just trying to say that Manafort's a bad guy
    • But you notice these same characters just keep coming back over and over again
    • Now I'm going to add stuff that we kind of forced out from our time line, which is the Hillary what I call the foreclosure of the DNC on September 30th
    • Saying, "hey--I'm not saying rahm emanuel drained you all of all the money, and we took it out and put you in a position where you can't even pay your rent. But now we'll bail you out if you let us sweep money on an hourly basis. And sweep information to Brooklyn."
    • And of course somebody signs a secret agreement maybe that agreement happened maybe it didn't
    • Maybe they just stole the money to begin with
    • But let's just say the agreement happened
    • So then Becerra with the caucus server began sweeping the money in information every day
    • Now don't you think up in Brooklyn they had at Hillary for America I had an NGP van system that was linking on the hour, between DNC and Hillary for America?
    • I think so
    • I don't think the people up here are going to use a different system than the people down here
    • DNC is gonna use the same system as Hillary for America
    • And the sweeps the sweeps are gonna be on the hour, and that's what those 7,000 sweeps are gonna be
    • If you don't remember the McCluskey article I call it the McCluskey report--that's one of the documents we're gonna be asking for: is tell us about the sweets tell us about the 7,000 chimney sweeps
    • And you can think of Dick Van Dyke and Mary Poppins if you want to think about the sweeps
    • So then now what happens here somebody in New York maybe a Justin Cooper says, "oh by the way I noticed a lot of money going from DNC to Hillary for America. I'm no longer the key guy, this other guy--Bryan Pagliano, took over for me. I'm gonna go to the FBI"
    • So he goes the FBI field, potentially
    • This John Giacolone is the number two guy at the FBI he's the one who says hey in February 2016 the thing has gone sideways
    • I've been ridden off the the Hillary server and her McCabe's taken over
    • He has the crackers-with-attitude hack a little bit later to get rid of him because he's a problem
    • Then Flynn joins Trump as a...
    • So then they hire Manafort
    • Now is this is Manafort a plant: is the key question
    • Now we've had a relationship going all the way back to--2007-2008 between Glenn Simpson and Jacoby the husband-wife team
    • And all of a sudden boom: Paul Manafort lands in there
    • DNC hires GPS
    • And boom two or three days later Trump hires Manafort
    • We don't know we don't know the answer to that yet but we're gonna find out
    • Then there's this meeting this is the Zeb Lee meeting Zeb Lee if you don't remember as Justin Cooper's lawyer
    • Justin Cooper's lawyer
    • He's meeting with Mueller and he's in this marathon meeting at the White House the reason why you have meetings at the White House is
    • So you can go into the SCIF the secure information area
    • And that's April 12th
    • Now there's somebody leaking there's somebody leaking
    • I think somebody's leaking through Eric Prince I think there's somebody in the field FBI leaking through Eric Princ, through the old connections there that he used to have
    • But that just me and you keep that between me and you
    • But I also think Braverman I also think he's leaking out the Braverman I think Braverman is under a lot of stress at this point he's been under a year of stress from Podesta
    • More than a year now thirteen months okay
    • So we don't really know if that's a defensive meeting or an offensive meeting
    • We don't know if it's a defensive meeting, saying, "what the hell is Cooper doing?"
    • If you start showing people, "hey here's all the money transfers that happened way back here--from from up in beginning in October do you realize all the Bernie money's going into Hillary's bank account?"
    • That's one big problem
    • So that would be a defensive meeting here with Mueller
    • If it's a offensive meeting, this is about "let's get dirt on Trump let's get dirt on Trump with Zebley"
    • Because it's Zebley and because--that's the lawyer for the defense--I'm thinking assembly is leaking information to Mueller about what Cooper is said
    • So in Cooper thinks, "hey my Zebley guy is--advocating for me and try to get immunity for me"
    • But what's really happening is Zebley is telling Mueller everything that Cooper knows what they got
    • So the strategy here "delay delay delay delay that damn server to lay that damn server"
    • So now we got Jacoby a meeting at the White House--[Jacoby] is Glenn Simpson's wife--about a week later for about a week
    • I think this is the offense--I think this is the defense saying, "Ok let's get our hands on what does he got on us, now let's turn it around and go on offense here with the Jacoby meeting
    • And now let's accuse Trump of what Cooper accused us of"
    • It takes about a week to think all the details through--that to me makes sense
    • This is another marathon meeting with six people
    • To me I think I'm gonna say Robby Mook is in this meeting, a Jennifer Palmieri
    • You want to get your actors in of the school play together to get your story straight all at once
    • And it has to begin at the White House to be in a SCIF information
    • Now we're gonna go down here to the this is what I love about talking about sweeps
    • Now all of a sudden, the DNC people are saying, "oh well maybe the hack was a little bit earlier than June, like we said before"
    • "Maybe was a little bit earlier than May. Matter of fact we're gonna go all the way back to April"
    • Now and this article and tablet came out where they talked about that--this CrowdStrike expert
    • And some some DNC executive called CrowdStrike, right
    • Well, what that really means is--Mike Kempner saying, "well let's say I called you and we'll do it, again, through Perkins Cooley, so it won't be traceable, so we'll have executive privilege"
    • This again, coming out and saying we got hacked in December or excuse me in April is obviously a lie
    • We know we're doing sweeps beginning it's eight months before up to Brooklyn
    • So again--this is a front
    • We know it's a lie,
    • But that is the excuse of calling and CrowdStrike
    • CrowdStrike is gonna erase our footprints from the Mcklusky server, erase our sweeps, erase our sweeps of money to Hillary for America and then we're going to move forward
    • Now the reason why CrowdStrike hangs around is Bernie hangs in there, and they're like, "hey this is great we got more money and we keep sweeping"
    • So you have to keep Crowdstrike around until the mess is completely over with if you have to cut it off at some point
    • Because you're taking a big risk here with a with a leaker out there but at some point they cut it off I think it's gonna be May 25th as the weekend, they cut it off, and then they make their final sweep
    • They wipe all the servers with a cloth
    • They wipe the phone system with a cloth
    • And now--the cloth the cloth--and now we're ready to go
    • So now here we go but but by-and-large here
    • Now we're setting up OHR's getting the ham radio license and everything
    • And getting the network of the spies together
    • We're gonna bring in the Russians
    • Cozy bears are fine for sweeping money out of the DNC--the Awans are great for sweeping money out of the DNC
    • But now we need the big dogs
    • We need to bring the fancy bears in to break into the communications of everybody in the Trump inner circle
    • This is where people don't realize that Andrew McCabe has worked with Steele for at least eight years
    • I think it's gonna be almost--I think it's almost gonna be ten years
    • But I mean Steele and McCabe work together on setting people up for FIFA the soccer executives
    • They're gonna be working together to set up the NASCAR executives
    • Any type of time when we have a major event, there's gonna be bribery around building stuff for like Olympics and stuff
    • You're always going to have the Russians--bribe somebody 50 percent
    • And then McCabe is gonna come in and take away the Russians fifty percent
    • That's the way it's always gonna be
    • Or whoever the other business partner is with the Russians just happens over and over and over again
    • Then again, if you've know Andrew McCabe has never done law enforcement ever in his life and he's only done extortions he's only done color of law extortions, then it's an easy thing to figure it out
    • But if you don't know that you think oh well that was a good bust by Andrew McCabe
    • So and here's--you've got to remember when you say one thing for Ohr, when when he hires Nellie Ohr, is it's basically because Glenn or over at Department of Justice is given a go-ahead on the project
    • You're gonna bring these guys in now, you're gonna bring these Russians in, because you don't want them hacking from Romania
    • Because there's a lots and lots of end points and points in the middle where you could pick up that traffic
    • You want them close
    • You want to bring them in close, like the cozy bears were close
    • You want to bring the fancy beers in close like the cozy bears
    • So you bring them into Maryland to stage the activities
    • And then you do things like--you give them the van and your drive by Trump Tower and you try to hack cellphones
    • And then you get a server in there--you get a marketing server in there somehow
    • Or you find--you start exploring the network for vulnerabilities basically
    • It's gonna--we're gonna set up yet another one, Andy I can feel it!
    • And of course it bombs out--and Trump says, "yeah I'm not really that interested"
    • And basically they write it around their previous I'm not going to say trafficking but their previous adoption business, of bringing kids into the European adoption center in Strongsville, Ohio
    • There's there's gonna be other places Russian babies in Florida
    • Russian babies here Russian babies there
    • Lots of adoption centers
    • But I think the the key is they're gonna be riding it around that European adoption center--that main funnel in Strongsville, Ohio
    • Then the next day and this is where all these old articles now become so comical
    • Here Robby Mook comes out and says, "it's the Russians that hacked us"
    • Well if you know that they've been sweeping--since October 2015, this is just ridiculous
    • This is a ridiculous lie
    • Poor Robby Mook right he went back here they talked all about this at the White House meeting now I got to go out and say it
    • Now it's obvious to everyone wearing shoes that he was lying at the time
    • But interestingly enough Jacoby, the wife of Glenn Simpson, Jacoby who wrote those articles about Manafort posts that, "hey by the way Robert Steele--this a British spy--is working for Glenn. We've got Steele working for him. There's something going on here. And then funnel your Intelligence to Glenn"
    • So that's why I think she says that
    • {{ Break in video }}
    • But Tarmac meeting these documents that just came out, said, "there's a there's a leaker from a security detail company"
    • I think that's Eric Prince
    • I think that's Blackwater
    • If you know of a different security detail company that's not Eric Prince, please tell me {{ Blackwater >> Xe >> ACADEMI }}
    • But I think he had a prince had a lot of--Prince had a lot of contacts in the FBI
    • And then of course it ends with I'll end here the DNC lawsuit on the 28th
  • Day 67.2 I Need 400 Trucks of Halal Ballpark Franks By Bowl Day - YouTube
    • It's Day 67
    • And as you heard me say yesterday this is getting to the point where I have to step forward no matter what the risks are no matter what the risks are
    • So I feel like maybe I'm stealing Joe Rago's story here but here goes
    • So this guy no Nawaf Abu Awad
    • I'm just gonna call him Abu because to me he's a he's Abu
    • So you see me here asking I say hey Abu can you get me 400 trucks of Halal bark ballpark Franks for the New Year's ball games
    • Let's meet in the back of the Anthill book store
    • This is in Paterson New Jersey
    • Let's meet in the back of the anthill book store only Saipan boys only bring this iPod boys the trucking boys only Saipov's boy. El Mofty's boys got killed
    • So who is this guy who is Abu Awad?
    • Well guess what he comes into America about the same time as Imran Awan
    • Is he connected to Gulen this Gulen have meetings here in the back of the Anthill bookstore for the whole East Coast ring--the halal
    • And let's put it let's put sugar inside of the halal meat--let's put sugar inside of the halal meat, and call it "sugar meat"
    • We're gonna and you might guess what that is
    • We're gonna put that inside that could even be vero pharmaceuticals [VEROPHARM] inside there but--and I'm sure they're all generic--but anyway here's some of halal Abu's Holdings
    • Now all these are gonna be halal truckers right
    • So this could just be a trucking operation of regular halal meat, regular ballpark Franks
    • 1 2 3 Genesee 1 2 1 Genesee
    • Oh yeah one of the Saipov lived there, right?
    • Didn't Saipov live 1 2 3 Genesee?
    • Is he going to know some of the trucker's that did some of the terrorism in Eastern Jersey in New York?
    • Maybe even the 1 2 3 bombings--the Chelsea bombings?
    • We'll see we'll see
    • 1 3 4
    • 37 there's gonna be another one
    • 84--how far do we have to go to the anthill book book store?
    • Let's--now this may or may not may or may not be a key meet-point--no pun intended--a key meet point for Gulen
    • But it is
    • And I won't talk about it's only two miles away, I shoulda just zoomed out
    • There's the anthill bookstore and cafe
    • So I believe that to be ground zero for the East Coast ratline
    • That's ground zero for the East Coast ratline, here in as far as New Jersey is concerned
    • And people are gonna be meeting all up and down the East Coast there at the Ant Hill bookstore
    • Now I don't believe the owners are involved at all
    • I think it's happening in the back, and nobody knows about this
    • But I'm gonna just say Gulen's meet point four no pun intended to his meet point for the East Coast is there
    • Why do I say it's Joe Rago's story
    • Well Joe Rago--if you don't remember was this really great reporter from The Wall Street Journal field
    • Pulitzer Prize winner by the time he's 34
    • And he kept asking questions in the editorial board, saying, "why are all these conservative Republicans knocking down any chance we can to repeal Obamacare?"
    • And he was saying--"there must be something going on here"
    • And if you don't remember one of his last ones was about Mitch McConnell, saying, "what's going on here with these--he called him Obamacare Republicans
    • They voted so many times to oppose in effect they were ensuring that it stayed in business
    • Well what do we know is going to Tennessee and Kentucky?
    • Uranium
    • Who-who's trucking it there?
    • SAIPOV
    • Like I said it's a layer cake--it's a seven layer cake
    • When you have uranium on the top you got color of law and you have free rein and free passage for all the other cakes that you're gonna bake
    • All the other layers of the cake
    • Now am I saying that sugar meat is coming down this the road with Saipov?
    • Well, there is this strange amount of DEA licenses for these different companies
    • Transport Logistics and the other Saipov companies.
    • Just questions to ask as we go further into the metadata
    • But maybe this is why Joe Rago is killed in July, right before the convention
    • >>>CONT
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2017.08.08 10:38 RunDNA [S3E13] A list of all the characters so far mentioned in the end credits (Updated)

Note: all new characters in Parts 10, 11, 12 and 13 are in italics.
(Kyle MacLachlan) - Dale CoopeMr. C/Dougie
Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler) - the businessman who gives his assistant two bundles of cash Roger (Joe Adler) - his assistant
Janey-E Jones (Naomi Watts) - Dougie's wife Sonny Jim Jones (Pierce Gagnon) - their son
Tommy (Ronnie Gene Blevins) - loan shark on left who meets Janey-E in park Jimmy (Jeremy Davis) - loan shark on right who meets Janey-E in park
Jade (Nafessa Williams) - Dougie's prostitute Detailer (Sean Bulger) - cleans Jade's car
Jake (Bill Tangradi) - hitman with rifle who almost shoots Cooper Gene (Greg Vrotsos) - hitman who puts a bomb under Dougie's car Lorraine (Tammie Baird) - woman with BlackBerry who is the boss of the hitmen
Ike "The Spike" Stadtler (Christophe Zajac-Denek) - the little hitman
Drugged-out Mother (Hailey Gates) - she keeps saying "119" Little Boy (Sawyer Shipman) - her son Punk Leader (Blake Zingale) - throws rock at little boy - gets blown up Patrol Officer (Jay Jee) - cop on roof who finds the number plate
Security Guard (Brian Finney) - directs Cooper to the casino change counter Cashier (Meg Foster) - gives change to Cooper Slot Machine Man (John Ennis) - Cooper watches him play the slots - he says "Helllooo!" Wise Guy (Josh McDermitt) - guy at casino who says "You broke that one" Lady Slot-Addict (Linda Porter) - old lady at casino Floor Attendant Jackie (Sabrina S. Sutherland) - helps Cooper when he starts winning
Bill Shaker (Ethan Suplee) - friend of Dougie's at the casino Candy Shaker (Sara Paxton) - Bill Shaker's wife
Supervisor Burns (Brett Gelman) - bearded manager at the casino - later he is sacked Pit Boss Warrick (David Dastmalchian) - becomes the new manager
Rodney Mitchum (Robert Knepper) - beats up Supervisor Burns Bradley Mitchum (Jim Belushi) - tells supervisor to get out of town - presumably the brother of Rodney Mandie (Andrea Leal) - pink showgirl on the left Candie (Amie Shiels) - pink showgirl in the middle Sandie (Giselle DaMier) - pink showgirl on the right
Paul (Greg Mills) - news anchor on TV in the Mitchums' house Sheena (Sarah Sohn) - news anchor on TV in the Mitchums' house
Limo Driver (Jay Larson) - drives Cooper home from the casino
Bushnell Mullins (Don Murray) - the boss at Lucky 7 Insurance, Dougie's workplace Phil Bisby (Josh Fadem) - nerdy guy with glasses Anthony Sinclair (Tom Sizemore) - Cooper accuses him of lying Rhonda (Elena Satine) - takes Cooper into the female bathroom Darren (Wes Brown) - trying to cheat on his wife with Rhonda Frank (Bob Stephenson) - Cooper drinks his coffee
Officer Reynaldo (Juan Carlos Cantu) - tells Cooper to stop loitering at the statue
Syzmon Waitress (Virginia Kull) - brings Cooper some cherry pie Man in Urinal (Malone) - "That bad, huh?"
Detective D. Fusco (David Koechner) - visits Dougie's office (on the left) Detective "Smiley" Fusco (Eric Edelstein) - visits Dougie's office (in the middle) Detective T. Fusco (Larry Clarke) - visits Dougie's office (on the right) Desk Sergeant (Jelani Quinn) - the Fuscos give the evidence bag to him
Detective Clarke (John Savage) - Anthony Sinclair gets poison from him Crooked Partner (Johnny Chavez) - his partner standing in the alley
Another Mom (Rebecca Field) - older mom interviewed by reporters 5-Year-Old Girl (Ivy George) - her daughter Soccer Mom (Stephanie Allynne) - younger mom interviewed by reporters
Doctor Ben (John Billingsly) - Cooper's doctor
Head Mover (Alon Aboutboul) - delivers Sonny Jim's gym set
Renzo (Derek Mears) - bald guy who arm-wrestles Evil Cooper Muddy (Frank Collison) - recites the arm-wrestling rules The Farm Accountant (Christopher Durbin) - "Do you need any money?"
Woodsman (Robert Broski) - "Gotta light?" Girl (1956) (Tikaeni Faircrest) - the young girl who swallows the frog-bug Boy (1956) (Xolo Mariduena) - the young boy walking her home New Mexico Husband (Tad Griffith) - man in car accosted by the Woodsman New Mexico Wife (Leslie Berger) - woman in car accosted by the Woodsman Receptionist (Tracy Phillips) - killed in the radio station by the Woodsman Disc Jockey (Cullen Douglas) - also killed in the radio station by the Woodsman
Sam Colby (Ben Rosenfield) - he monitors the glass box Tracey (Madeline Zima) - brings Sam coffee Guard (Michael Bisping) - the security guard outside Experiment Model / Experiment (Erica Enyon) - the creature in the glass box
Colonel Davis (Ernie Hudson) - sends Cynthia Knox to South Dakota Lieutenant Cynthia Knox (Adele René) - sent by Colonel Davis to South Dakota
FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch) Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) FBI Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) - new female agent
Denise Bryson (David Duchovny) Bill Kennedy (Richard Chamberlain) - greets Gordon at Denise's office
FBI Driver (Stephen Kearin) - drives Gordon and Albert to South Dakota
Diane Evans (Laura Derns) - Cooper's former secretary Younger Man (Jesse Johnson) - the guy in Diane's apartment
??????? (Carel Struycken) - the Giant Senorita Dido (Joy Nash) - she lives with the Giant
Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) Bob (Frank Silva) Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) Phillip Gerard (Al Strobel) - the One-Armed Man
Naido (Nae Yuuki) - the first woman in the "Mauve Room" with no eyes American Girl (Phoebe Augustine) - the second woman in the "Mauve Room" Major Garland Briggs (Don S. Davis) - the head floating through the stars
Robby (James Croak) - the guy with the rifle guarding the door of the shack Otis (Redford Westwood) - the old man with the moustache who Mr C. talks to Buella (Kathleen Deeming) - the old lady in the shack Darya (Nicole LaLiberte) - the young woman who leaves with Mr. C Ray Monroe (George Griffith) - the young man who leaves with Mr. C
Jack (Steve Barker) - the mechanic who gets his face massaged
Chantal Hutchens (Jennifer Jason Leigh) - Darya's next-door neighbour Gary "Hutch" Hutchens (Tim Roth) - Chantal's phone-shooting husband
Marjorie Green (Melissa Bailey) - the lady with the dog Ruth Davenport (Mary Stofle) - the dead woman Hank (Max Perlich) - the bald guy outside - "Am I free to go?"
Officer Olson (Christopher Murray) - the taller of the two cops who arrive at Ruth's apartment Officer Douglas (James Giordano) - the shorter of the two cops who arrive at Ruth's apartment
Detective Dave Macklay (Brent Briscoe) - the main detective - the one who interrogates Hastings Constance Talbot (Jane Adams) - the CSI woman Police Chief Mike Boyd (Dep Kirkland) - the bald police chief outside Hastings' interrogation Detective Don Harrison (Bailey Chase) - the State Police Detective who arrives William Hastings (Matthew Lillard) - the school principal in jail Phyllis Hastings (Cornelia Guest) - his wife George Bautzer (Neil Dickson) - his lawyer
First Trooper (Travis Hammer) - the first cop who arrives at Mr C's car accident and throws up Second Trooper (Stephen Heath) - the second cop who arrives at Mr C's car accident
Warden Dwight Murphy (James Morrison) - the warden at the prison where Mr. C is held Inspector Randy Hollister (Karl Makinen) - the younger man accompanying the warden Prison Tech (Hank Harris) - works the security cameras at the prison Prison Guard (Mark Mahoney) - Mr C asks him for a meeting with the warden
Warden Murphy's Son (Luke Judy) - finds his father's body
French Woman (Berenice Marlohe) - the woman in Gordon's hotel room
Dr. Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) Delivery Driver (Joseph M. Auger) - delivers the shovels
Nadine Hurley (Wendie Robie) Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill)
Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) Check-out Girl (Zoe McLane) - serves Sarah Palmer at the store Bag-boy (Johnny Ochsner) - serves Sarah Palmer at the store
Margaret Lanterman (The Log Lady) (Catherine E. Coulson)
Doc Will Hayward (Warren Frost)
Benjamin Horne (Richard Beymer) Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly) Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) - psychopath smoking in the Roadhouse Johnny Horne (Eric Rondell) - he runs into a wall Sylvia Horne (Jan D'Arcy) - she helps Johnny when he is hurt Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) Charlie (Clark Middleton) - the man talking to Audrey
Beverly Paige (Ashley Judd) - Ben Horne's new secretary Tom Paige (Hugh Dillon) - Beverly's sick husband Nurse (Judith Drake) - the nurse who cares for Tom
Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton) - owner of the New Fat Trout Trailer Park Mickey (Jeremy Lindholm) - talks to Carl in the car Kriscol (Bill O'Dell) - man at the trailer park who sells his blood
Hit and Run Mom (Lisa Coronado) - her boy is run over by Richard Horne Hit and Run Boy (Hunter Sanchez) - run over by Richard Horne
Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster) - Harry Truman's brother Doris Truman (Candy Clark) - Frank's wife
Deputy Chief Tommy "Hawk" Hill (Michael Horse)
Deputy Jesse Holcomb (James Grixoni) - announces that Wally has arrived Deputy Chad Broxford (John Pirruccello) - the grumpy cop with the beard Maggie (Jodi Thelen) - switchboard operator in the back room
Deputy Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) Betty Briggs (Charlotte Stewart)
Carrie (Charity Parenzini) - mother of boy who shoots gun outside RR Diner Russ (Linas Phillips) - father of boy who shoots gun outside RR Diner Ralph (Elias Parenzini) - boy who shoots gun outside RR Diner Woman in Car (Laura Kenny) - large woman honking the horn outside the RR Diner Sick Girl (Priya Diane Niehaus) - the vomiting girl in the car with her
Man in Suit (Allen Galli) - the insurance man who leaves his card for Sheriff Truman
Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) Lucy Brennan (Kimmy Robertson) Wally Brando (Michael Cera) - their son
Farmer (Edward 'Ted' Dowling) - Andy sets up a 4:30 meeting with him
Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton) Toad (Marv Rosand) - cook at the Double R Heidi (Andrea Hays) - German waitress at the Double R RR Diner Waitress (Kate Alden) - serves Bobby in Part 13 Walter Lawford (Grant Goodeve) - runs RR Diner franchises for Norma
Bing (Riley Lynch) - shouts "Has anybody seen Billy?" in the RR Diner Miriam Sullivan (Sarah Jean Long) - talking to Heidi in the RR Diner
Boy Playing Catch (Travis Frost) - boy who discovers the injured Miriam
Shelly (Mädchen Amick) Renee (Jessica Szohr) - woman sitting next to Shelly who James is looking at. She later cries when James sings. Hannah (Gia Carides) - Shelly's brunette friend who says "There's something wrong with that guy"
Rebecca (Becky) Burnett (Amanda Seyfried) - Shelly's daughter Steven Burnett (Caleb Landry Jones) - Becky's husband
Neighbour (Cynthia Lauren Tewes) - lives next door to Gersten Hayward's apartment Gersten Hayward (Alicia Witt) - hiding on stairs with Steven Burnett
Mike Nelson (Gary Hershberger) - he doesn't like Steven Burnett's resumé
James Hurley (James Marshall) Freddie Sykes (Jake Wardle) - the young guy who enters the Roadhouse with James Red (Balthazar Getty) - he points his fingers at Shelly like a gun Jean-Michel Renault (Walter Olkewicz) - bartender who is presumably a relative of Jacques Renault
Frederico (Vincent Castellanos) - tells Richard Horne to stop smoking Charlotte (Grace Victoria Cox) - assaulted by Richard in the Roadhouse Elizabeth (Jane Levy) - Charlotte's friend who says "Leave her alone"
Ella (Sky Ferreira) - the girl in the Roadhouse scratching herself Chloe (Karolina Wydra) - her brunette friend
Abbie (Elizabeth Anweis) - woman on left in Roadhouse in Part 12 Natalie (Ana de la Reguera) - woman on right in Roadhouse in Part 12 Trick (Scott Coffey) - their friend who gets his car run off the road
The Chromatics (Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller, Johnny Jewel, Nat Walker) - band playing in Parts 2 & 12 The Cactus Blossoms (Jack Torrey, Page Burkum, Joel Paterson, Beau Sample, Alex Hall) - band playing in Part 3 Au Revoir Simone (Heather D'Angelo, Erika Forster, Annie Hart) - band playing in Parts 4 & 9 Trouble (Riley Lynch, Sam Smith, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Dean Hurley) - band playing in Part 5 Sharon Van Etten (Sharon Van Etten, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, John Phillip Iron III, Zeke Hutchins) - band playing in Part 6 MC (J.R. Starr) - he introduces "The" Nine Inch Nails and James Hurley "The" Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Mariqueen Maandig Reznor, Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini, Joey Castillo) - band playing in Part 8 Hudson Mohawke (Himself) - the musician playing in Part 9 Rebekah Del Rio (Rebekah Del Rio, Moby) - band playing in Part 10 James Hurley (James Marshall, Kelsey Bohlen, Rachael Bower) - band playing in Part 13
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We'll be keeping this post stickied throughout the offseason with updates on any official moves/transactions as well as rumors about potential moves the Royals will be making. Please feel free to post links to articles in the sub as well, this will just be an archive of everything that has happened.
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2011.09.13 05:13 DeathToUnicorns [WANT] Cool copies of LotR or the Hobbit.

Here's what I have
Here's what I want: Books, and if you have nice copies of LotR, and/or the hobbit, that would be awesome. Or just random stuff.
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2011.09.13 05:01 DeathToUnicorns [USA] WTT: A bunch of books [Looking For] Fantasy

Here's what I have
Here's what I want: Books, and if you have nice copies of LotR, and/or the hobbit, that would be awesome. Or just random stuff.
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2011.09.10 09:10 DeathToUnicorns WTT: A bunch of books W: More books, offers

Here's what I have
* Courage - Edwin Louis Cole. * The oxford dictionary of political quotations * The far side gallery 2 - Gary Larson * The killing - robert muchamore * A tabloid history of the world - Kevin McDonough * How you can influence congress - George Anderson. * Anthem - ayn rand * All I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten - Robert fulghum * Completely mad - reidelbach * A prayer for owen meany - John Irving * The partner - John Grisham * The gift - Danielle steel * Close to you - mary Jane Clark * Dark water - Sharon sala * Twelve shots - Harry mazer * Silent treatment - Michael Palmer * Origin in death - Nora Roberts * The hundred secret senses - amy tan * Morning noon and night - Sidney Sheldon * The guardian - Nicholas sparks * The language of god - Francis s Collins. * Drivers Ed - Caroline b cooney * The glory field - Walter dean myers * How I found the strong - Margaret McMullan - signed * Son of a witch - Gregory maguire * All together dead - Charlaine Harris * The outside shot - Walter dean myers * Desert fire - Larry hicks * Hearts in Atlantis - Stephen king * Ironman - chris crutcher * Hidden talents - David lubar * Downsiders - Neal shusterman * The ultimate comeback - Tommy tenney * The alchemyst - Michael Scott * The best American sports writing * Mean genes - Terry burnham * Ant farm - Simon Rich * The shadow club - Neal shusterman * Odd Thomas - dean koontz * The golden ratio - Mario livio * Feed - m. T. Anderson * Among the barons - margaret haddix * Among the free- Margaret haddix * Maximum ride - James paterson. * The house of the scorpion - Nancy farmer * Lean mean thirteen - Janet evanovich * It - stephen king * A time to kill - John Grisham * The girl in the box - ouida Sebestyen * Among the brave - haddix * Last shot - John feinstein * The golem's eye - Jonathan stroud * The Schwa was here - Neal shusterman * Among the impostors - haddix * Snowfall - sharon sala * Stotan - Chris crutcher * The Shakespeare stealer - gary blackwood * Son of the mob - Gordon korman * The killers cousin - Nancy werlin * I am the messenger - markus Knopf * Counterfeit son - elaine alphin * Jack and Jill - James Patterson * 100 menacing little murder stories * Beach road - James Patterson * Copper son - Sharon draper * Running out of time - haddix * The year of the hangman - Gary blackwood * The declaration - Gemma malley * Blue fingers - Cheryl whitesel * 100 dastardly little detective stories * The chamber - John Grisham * The runaway - John Grisham * Wins losses and lessons - Lou holtz * Knight - bob knight * Endymion spring - Matthew skelton * Artemis fowl the lost colony - eoin colfer * The battle of Jericho - Sharon draper * Odd hours - dean koontz * The greatest stories never told - Rick beyer * White - Christopher hitcomb * 1776 - David McCullough * Spooky country - William Gibson * Life expectancy - dean koontz 
Here's what I want: Books, and if you have nice copies of LotR, and/or the hobbit, that would be awesome. Or just random stuff.
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24 Hours With Robert Pattinson  Vogue - YouTube Robert Pattinson On Why He Wanted To Play Batman, 'The ... Robert Pattinson Has Reinvented Himself - YouTube The Truth Behind Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's ... Twilight Saga Real Name And Age 2019 - YouTube Rob and Kristen's Babymaking Scene Was Too Steamy! - YouTube Robert Pattinson SHOCKED About Kristen Stewart New ... Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Dating Again ... Robert Pattinson apologizes to Kristen Stewart because they break up making her turn into bisexual Kristen Stewart Apologizes for Cheating on Robert ...

Robert PATERSON Obituary Vancouver Sun and Province

  1. 24 Hours With Robert Pattinson Vogue - YouTube
  2. Robert Pattinson On Why He Wanted To Play Batman, 'The ...
  3. Robert Pattinson Has Reinvented Himself - YouTube
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  6. Rob and Kristen's Babymaking Scene Was Too Steamy! - YouTube
  7. Robert Pattinson SHOCKED About Kristen Stewart New ...
  8. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Dating Again ...
  9. Robert Pattinson apologizes to Kristen Stewart because they break up making her turn into bisexual
  10. Kristen Stewart Apologizes for Cheating on Robert ...

Robert Pattinson disgusted when Kristen Stewart said still love him and wanted to compete with Suki - Duration: 2:05. PPL Media 14,223 views. 2:05. The Twilight Saga: The Real-Life Partners ... 'Twilight' fans around the world are shocked by star's 'momentary indiscretion.' For more on this story, click here: Follow Robert Pattinson as he makes his way through Paris, sniffing fragrances and sitting front row at Dior. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ... Robert Pattinson and has, against all expectations, pulled a complete “180” with his acting career. For a while there, it appeared Pattinson would never esca... Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got hot and heavy for the filming of 'Breaking Dawn,' but not all of it made the cut! Listen to them discuss what was to... In November 2019, Robert Pattinson opened up about 'The Lighthouse' and why he wanted to play Batman on EW's Awardist podcast. Subscribe to EW http://bit.... If you're new, Subscribe! → Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart anchored one of the biggest film franchises ever, as ... Robert Pattinson has something to say about Kristen Stewart's new girlfriend. Check it out in the video here! WATCH! Reporter: Alice Peter Editor: Omkar Inga... source image , video: Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Robsten, or KPatz, has been dead since 2013. The relationship of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, aka Bella and vampire Edward, was the most anticipated...